Saturday, June 30, 2007

Extended Family

This weekend we went to Greensboro to visit Uncle Matt, Aunt Leigh, Nicky, Nonny, and Poppy. The kids had a blast with all the "new to them" toys inside and playing outside on the playground equipment. It's so nice to have Uncle Matt and Aunt Leigh living so close now! I love to see the cousins play together.

June 2007

goofy girl

strong man:)

we spent so much time at the pool,
in the kiddie pool, or in the sprinkler

Nonny got them a Sit N' Spin sprinkler

ring around the rosie with a rainbow

Kinsey didn't like it too much

backyard pool

the kids LOVE to play with play doh

Nonny came for a visit!

so did Auntie Anne!

we love summer picnics!

Kinsey LOVES jewelry!

Cailey loves to wash the cars!

sleeping princess

Cubby Awards Night!

we saw quite a few deer in the yard
this spring...crazy, considering we live in the city!

the kids took Daddy to play Putt Putt
for Father's Day

Reading with Daddy on Father's Day

so cute in strawberries