Friday, January 30, 2009

Grecian Art

Braden's and Cailey's Grecian Vases

We've been studying ancient Greece in History and one of the things the kids learned about was how they used to make and decorate beautiful vases. These are their versions of the vases we looked at in books...I think they did a wonderful job:)!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i see my boo boo!

this is what it looked like a week
after it happened!

Kinsey got BIG boo boos on our murphy bed when she tripped and smacked her head against the corner of it. It happened right before bedtime and it was truly the most pain she's been in (according to how loud and how long she cried). Even rocking her, giving her a cookie, and her blankie couldn't calm her down! Eventually she was finally able to catch her breath and we were able to look at it and see that it wouldn't need stiches. Poor baby!
The next morning she couldn't wait to 'see her boo boo' in the mirror! She was so cute and kept running to the mirror saying "I see my boo boo...I see it!". Silly girl:).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

game time with auntie

'baking' (breaking) cookies
with Auntie Anne

enjoying warm cookies and playing

Auntie Anne was able to join us for
family game time too!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ii for ice!

ice cream!

Crafts: Ice cream cone with tissue paper on brown cone and glitter sprinkles, ink blots on paper (food coloring), insects sorting, ice cube drawing (either on the driveway or freeze colored), ice skating (paper plates).
Foods: ice cream, ice, iceberg lettuce

Monday, January 26, 2009

ice, ice, baby

Whenever Auntie Anne comes Cailey loves to go ice skating with her. Usually Auntie Anne has to pull her around the whole time but this time she had Cailey do some skating on her own and she did great! I think the more she does it, the better she'll get...unfortunately mommy and daddy can't ice skate well so she doesn't get to go that often. I'm thinking I might get brave and try it again but I CERTAINLY won't be able to hold her up! (I'll be trying to keep myself up:). We have another friend who has offered to take her and we're going to take her up on it just as soon as she has her baby:).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

gifts for all

Every time Auntie Anne takes one of them to build a bear she makes sure to bring something back for the other two kids. Braden quickly picked out two princess dresses for the girls: an Aurora one for Cailey and a Tinkerbell on for Kinsey. Cailey got Sleeping Beauty for Christmas and loves Aurora now (2nd to Snow White, of course) so that was perfect for her. Ever since Kinsey was Tinkerbell for Halloween she's loved saying 'tink' and pointing her out everywhere so he really put thought into the outfits! (Auntie Anne and I were quite impressed considering all the choices!)

personal shopper

they were so surprised and LOVED the outfits!

all the princesses

new clothes for all the 'friends'
they have made with Auntie Anne!
(It's so neat to see that each of them
wanted a different kind of animal)

all their friends together

They have been playing dress up with the animals ever since! Oh..and the other night the girls even brought them down and danced with them:).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Braden's turn

Braden got to go make an animal with Auntie Anne at build a bear while she was here! She's made them with all of our kids and dresses them as well...they are SO spoiled:). Braden chose a monkey and was super excited about making it.

he wanted an extra soft monkey

meet 'Swingy'

he had a great time giving Swingy a bath

out of all the outfits for him to choose, he wanted
a suit! so sweet how he wanted the monkey to match

my strong man:)

The three of us had a great time going out to lunch together and making Swingy:)

Friday, January 23, 2009

still had fun!!

They played Sorry and Uno Attack!

these girls could play dress up all day!

Plan A: Rebecca was coming over on Monday night to spend the night...but then snow was predicted!

Plan B: Rebecca came on Wednesday night to sleepover but I couldn't be there because I was going to a concert (Celine Dion..which I bought tickets for 14 months ago). Brian was going to have it pretty easy because Rebecca could just go to AWANA with Cailey..until that got canceled for ice! So I had to leave Brian with all four kids and was gone all night! He did a great job and the kids had fun playing games (he even taught Rebecca two new games), dressing up, reading, and using their imagination!

Brian did something so genius (and hilarious) that I never would have thought of. He put a monitor in the girls room so he could hear if they talked past their 'talk time'. He also put a walkie-talkie in there so that every time they talked he'd get on the walkie-talkie and tell them to go to sleep! I thought that was awesome:).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snowy Afternoon

after the snow stopped

snowball fun!

we've started calling Braden "stilts" because his shoes acted
like a suction cup in the snow! we kept having to clean them
off because he couldn't walk with the build up.

Kinsey spent most of her time eating
the snow:)!

making snow angels

Braden throwing snowballs at Daddy!

it was a very powdery snow so they
couldn't really build a snowman but
Brian helped them make a little one

snack attack

snow bunny:)

let it snow!

at the end of the day we went to the neighbors yard to watch
the kids sled down the hill....which they loved!