Sunday, January 25, 2009

gifts for all

Every time Auntie Anne takes one of them to build a bear she makes sure to bring something back for the other two kids. Braden quickly picked out two princess dresses for the girls: an Aurora one for Cailey and a Tinkerbell on for Kinsey. Cailey got Sleeping Beauty for Christmas and loves Aurora now (2nd to Snow White, of course) so that was perfect for her. Ever since Kinsey was Tinkerbell for Halloween she's loved saying 'tink' and pointing her out everywhere so he really put thought into the outfits! (Auntie Anne and I were quite impressed considering all the choices!)

personal shopper

they were so surprised and LOVED the outfits!

all the princesses

new clothes for all the 'friends'
they have made with Auntie Anne!
(It's so neat to see that each of them
wanted a different kind of animal)

all their friends together

They have been playing dress up with the animals ever since! Oh..and the other night the girls even brought them down and danced with them:).

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Caroline said...

That sweet Auntie Anne! She takes good care of your kids. I love the name Braden chose for his monkey...Swingy. Priceless!