Saturday, August 30, 2014

How I met Frank by Ephram

This is how I found Frank. I was climbing down a steep mountain and when I reached the bottom I saw something brown moving. He seemed to be stuck in a tiny cage that I cut open with a knife so he could explore for a while. Thunder started roaring so we had to stay under a tree until it stopped. The dog ran to hide in it's strong yellow cage. It was a Dotson dog who I named Frank. He almost looks like a sausage with his belly and is about 10 inches long. He has small legs.  *excuse me I gassed. bt don't add that* His tail was wagging when I found him bursting out of his cage.  We hiked back up the snowy mountain so we rode on a lift back down.

A couple weeks late Frank and I went to the beach. We went to get ice cream cones and ate it while walking on the beach. We gave him a good home to stay in. It was a big yellow cage with a doggie door with an open roof. He could explore and even play frisbee with me. Frank could catch the frisbee in his teeth but sometimes it fell on his head.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stories of Wonder

     Hello! My name is Ephram. I love my whole family, especially my mommy. I love her so much even when she takes me to get ice cream. She makes the best birthday parties.I love snuggling with her in the rocking chair.  My mommy takes me out for my birthday which makes me feel special and want to snuggle her. Mommy and I play and have so much fun. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy take me to the mall and let me buy a toy.
     I wish I could make a great robot with my daddy. My daddy has lots of tools and I love him so much. I like to build things with my daddy. Sometimes daddy gives me nails and extra pieces of wood to build and play with. I love my daddy so much.
     We have a turtle that eats slugs, little snails, and worms. Once my daddy saw an animal in the turtle cage and was surprised so he dropped the flashlight and all the batteries fell out. Then he got Braden's stick to scare it out.
     I am from Korea and I have one sister and one brother adopted from Sough Korea also. I have a sister born from Massachusetts. I hope none of my parents or my siblings never get sick ever.
     I love my mommy. I like when my mommy and daddy take me to the beach. I build sandcastles with my daddy. Boogie boarding is so fun too. My big 12 year old sister, Cailey, had her birthday at the beach! We went and bought a kite but my daddy didn't understand how to fly it. At Barefoot Landing there is a huge bridge where we saw turtles and fish. The bridge had so many people on one side looking at the turtles that it almost tipped over.
      I love my grandparents. Two of my grandparents live in Maryland. They are Nonny and Poppy. Another grandma lives in North Carolina. Her name is Granny. I have cousins named Abby and Nicky. They live in Charlotte and have a trampoline. I hope they are having a good day today. I have two more cousins named Courtney and Ellen Grace but they do not live in Charlotte.
     I love my God because He is the One and only God. He sent His one and only Son, John 3:16. God made us and died for our sins. We love Him so much and He made the trees, oceans, humans, everything!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nursing Home Summer Recital

 Cailey and Braden had their summer recital at the Nursing Home which was a blessing for them as well as the residents. We always love meeting them all after the recital.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Full Day at the Beach

 We were given gorgeous weather again for our last day at the beach

 Everyday we set up around 8 and enjoyed the beach as long as possible

 the kiddos dug a great pool

 Ephram and I were hanging out on the sand and I started writing sight words with a seashell Cailey brought me to hold. Next thing I knew we were doing tally marks for all the words he could read correctly. SO fun that we can do school at the beach with no prep and no supplies except the ones provided by God.

 Daddy built another cool castle!

after seven hours on the sand, the kiddos swam in the pool until a storm came

 when everyone was showered Ephram ended up falling asleep in Brian's lap outside on the balcony so they both decided to 'rest'...for a couple hours:)

 having fun with Legos and games while daddy is bringing home more free CFA for dinner:)

 after dinner we headed to Barefoot Landing just to walk around

 a nasty storm was a brewin' and the sky looked awesome! almost like we had a backdrop behind us. we ran though the rain together and laughed a lot:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beach Day 6

 Another fun day on the beach together!

 today they built an army bunker...complete with a comfy seat

 cailey was super interested in how shells are formed/grow, etc. and found some amazing ones

 meanwhile braden kept finding all kinds of sponges and seaweed. We couldn't believe he found a BRIGHT orange was gorgeous!  The red one was very thin and felt like old school 'film'.
 Brian teaching Braden how to play solitaire

 go fish

 brian and his mad kite flying

 Cailey wanted to go walk out on the beach since it was her birthday:)

and then she wanted to stay out at the pool until it was late (or after the lights came on)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Beach Day 5

 Today was a super fun day at the beach! We all walked down the beach to the pier (a little over a mile each way), played in a sand pool, had lots of ocean fun, and swam in the pool. We also had family game night after our white pictures. Game favs were bananagrams, egyptian war, and yahtzee.

 since the ocean has been so calm they've been able to go WAY out...there were several sand bars along the way

 playing with my babies

 we made it to the pier!

 I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was cute:)

 proof that mommy plays in the pool and ocean:).

Brian got TWO yahtzees!