Saturday, August 30, 2014

How I met Frank by Ephram

This is how I found Frank. I was climbing down a steep mountain and when I reached the bottom I saw something brown moving. He seemed to be stuck in a tiny cage that I cut open with a knife so he could explore for a while. Thunder started roaring so we had to stay under a tree until it stopped. The dog ran to hide in it's strong yellow cage. It was a Dotson dog who I named Frank. He almost looks like a sausage with his belly and is about 10 inches long. He has small legs.  *excuse me I gassed. bt don't add that* His tail was wagging when I found him bursting out of his cage.  We hiked back up the snowy mountain so we rode on a lift back down.

A couple weeks late Frank and I went to the beach. We went to get ice cream cones and ate it while walking on the beach. We gave him a good home to stay in. It was a big yellow cage with a doggie door with an open roof. He could explore and even play frisbee with me. Frank could catch the frisbee in his teeth but sometimes it fell on his head.

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