Sunday, January 31, 2010


lunch and cocoa break

after lunch (and while their clothes were drying) we made
a brownie pizza

all warm and ready to go out again!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Snowed!

the kids were SO excited about the snow and got up bright and
early ready to play in it! (little did they know that mommy and
daddy didn't want to play outside at 6:30:)

kinsey's favorite thing to do BY FAR was
to eat the snow! by the end of the day she
perfected her eating ability without wetting her face:)

this little stinker was DREAMING of snow ball
fights and woke up telling me about everyone who she was
going to throw one at....and she did spend a LOT of time
having snow ball fights:)

after her first fight we had to make a 'no snow balls in the face rule'

meanwhile....she's still eating:)

we don't have a sled but Brian came up with the brilliant idea
to use the boogie boards...they worked, too!

my snow angel

macy LOVED the snow...i mean LOVED it! she was running around
like crazy wagging her tail for over an hour! i finally brought her home
and she spent the rest of the day warming up near the vent.

we walked to the back of the neighborhood so the kids could
sled down the big hill

so fun!

snack break

the kids loved sledding...after a while cailey said, "i like
going down, just not walking up every time:)"

helping out kinsey

We were so excited to get some snow this year! The kiddos spent the day going out, coming in for snacks and warming up, going back out, coming back in, etc. In the middle of the day Cailey said, "this is the best day EVER!"...I love it when she says that!

Braden got a bit cold after sledding and decided he had enough for a while but went back out after a warm lunch.

Kinsey ate SO MUCH SNOW and just loved everything about it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More of Auntie Anne

love this one...real smiles:)

every year Auntie Anne gives them an ornament for Christmas

she made Cailey some socks a while ago but gave them to
her when she visited:). I LOVE that she used purple
on one when she ran out of the other yarn!

teaching Cailey how to make friendship

she is SUCH a great teacher and has an abundance of patience!
she even did a math lesson with Cailey!

you know Auntie Anne is visiting when there is a sewing machine
and cross stitch on the counter:)...the kids LOVE doing these
things with her

Braden and Kinsey playing games

Kinsey worked on opposites and rhyming words with Auntie

Auntie Anne was only here overnight but we were able to accomplish a lot! (Including a few trips to HT during super doubles:). There was lots of laughing, playing, learning, hanging out, shopping, and hugging. We love you, Auntie Anne!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marbles with Auntie Anne

love this little server!

my picasso's

they have a great new travel section open upstairs!

STILL painting:)

they had a great Mr. Potato Head display
up that Kinsey loved!

yoga with Auntie Anne

they always love sawing, drilling, nailing, building, and making
things with wood

oh no! they had to walk the plank!


goodbye hugs:(

Auntie Anne came a couple weeks ago for our annual January get together. Normally she gets to spend a LONG weekend with us over Martin Luther King weekend but her hubby's birthday is then so we had a quick overnight visit instead. We had a great time and are SO happy we got to see her!!