Friday, January 31, 2014

January Visit

 We met up at the Y for a workout (my first in forever) and the big girls decided they wanted to run on the treadmills instead of go to childcare. They are growing up so FAST! 

Laura and I are so sisters...and it makes me laugh to think of some of the things we do sometimes. After we got home from working out we looked at each other and knew we would be having a 'eat junk' day. She said, " I'm going to go to Bojangle's and you're going to bake brownies?" To which I replied, "yup!" without hesitation. There goes the! Love our relationship!

The kids spent the day playing inside and out and these two had a great first 'heart to heart'. Learning how to talk things out with your bff is a perfect way to learn how to resolve conflict as they grow older and have other relationships. Laura is so awesome at facilitating such things. 

They didn't have any matchy winter jammies but have wanted some for a while. I got these on clearance before Christmas but kept forgetting to give them to the girls. They were thrilled:)!

 Thanks to Brian, Laura and I were able to sneak away for a late dinner (while the kids were watching a movie) to Twisted Fork. We had yummy food and shared dessert. Love.This.Girl.

The next day we decided to go on a field trip to Marbles. The big girls are getting old for it but since they hadn't been together in YEARS they had fun finding things to do. It was the perfect day to go because it wasn't crowded at ALL which made it easy to keep track of our eight kiddos.

 putting on a play, The Princess and the Bird

 our firefighting boys

 Kinsey made me a pizza:)

building and racing cars

 we had the pirate ship to ourselves so Laura and I even went up in it

 This little red car. I've been getting pics of my kids in this car since Cailey was for nine years. Man the time has flown. We asked the girls where they would go if they could just drive off. Their answer was, "To the mall and to get something yummy to eat". Hmmm...they don't sound like their mommies AT ALL:). I know this will become a reality for them all too soon.

 Ephram, "I'm saving Hannah, mommy!"

 After a couple hours at Marbles the troops were hungry and we had the perfect snack for them. Krispy Kreme on the way home!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Second Snow

 We got a couple inches of very powdery snow dropped on us which made for a few days of fun sledding, snowman building, igloo making, and sbowball fighting. We did school in the evenings and at night so we could play outside during the day.

 I LOVE the snow as much as they do!

 snow angel

 Daddy worked from home for one day since his office closed. He took breaks to help build a snowman and go sledding for a little while.

 Oh..and throw LOTS of snowballs:)

 I also love baking and cooking yummy things for my snow bunnies. This time I made cinnamon roll cake, tater tot breakfast casserole, homemade hot chocolate (which stayed warm all day in the crock pot so they could have it every time they came in for dry clothes:) oatmeal chocolate chip/heath cookies, then a yummy dinner of baked shrimp and linguini with broccoli.
 Mr. Snowman!  Since the snow was powdery it was hard but we managed to build a snowman complete with buttons, gumball eyes, a carrot nose, and craisins for a mouth. Ephram wanted him to wear his hat and said it was an ephram snowman.

 This guy had croup which turned into a bad cold so he spent more time inside being my helper in the kitchen.

 We went sledding after lunch by way of the hybrid and the girls rode in the trunk to make room for the sleds. It even closed!  Usually we would walk but since Ephram wasn't feeling well we drove to the hill, stayed a while, then Brian, Ephram, and I drove home while the other three stayed for more sledding.

 WHEE!!! Cailey and I tested the hill out first
 we went all the way to the curb!

 Then I went with the boys and Kinsey

 they went with each other and alone...

 side by side with kinsey girl

 only this girl would do cartwheels with no gloves the snow

 daddy's turn

 getting ready for a snowball fight

 first batch of cookies out of the oven...snack time!

 Kinsey decided to shovel the snow into a pile then JUMP into it as if it were a pile of leaves. Silly girl.

 the boys worked on building forts and igloos

Me and my snow bunnies:)