Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cowboy Frum

 This is what he wears most days. None of my others dressed up as much...especially unprompted. He pretty much never wears the hat without his gun..and even goes to sleep with it all on.  I don't really know where he got such a great imagination from but it's amazing to watch him play. He uses voices for all his dogs and they 'play' too. He's always fighting the 'bad guys'...unless he's playing Star Wars, because then he usually IS the bad guy.

We all play in his games when he runs and says, "Stick em' up!" or "Hands to the sky" or my favorite, "hands on your ponytail!".

such a sweet little cowboy:).  CLEARLY his outfit must've been dirty this day because he usually wears the whole thing...lol!

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