Friday, January 17, 2014

Storybook Safari Friends

 Sheree was up from Alabama for a visit after Christmas so we had a Storybook Safari reunion at Kristen's house. Cailey was missing because she was at mom and dad's house but all of our other kiddos were there. These guys were just babies and toddlers (or weren't even born) when we all worked together! We each brought a treat for the kids to snack on and they played while we caught up:).

 The girlies (minus Cailey)

                                                                      The Bra/eden's

 all of us girlies...Janice, Me, Kristen, Marsie, and Sheree.

 kinsey and Elena

 Marsie and I looked like twins and started laughing when we saw each! We had on matching shoes, too!

Ephram was in his usual cowboy 'getup' and loved playing with Lucas

After our visit with those girls we headed over to surprise Cheryl, Alex, and Ashton since they lived so close. Thankfully they were home so the kiddos played a little while so Cheryl and I could chat. Kinsey, Braden, and Ashton spent their time loving on the hamster while Ephram and Alex played down in his room.

me and my sweet Cheryl...who I met at Storybook Safari years ago:)

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