Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ephram's 5th Gotcha Day!

Today was Ephram's gotcha day and we did a lot of singing:). We sing "Happy Gotcha Day to You" to the tune of Happy Birthday...pretty much ALL.DAY.LONG :). Love when we can celebrate a kiddo and it's all about THEM.

Ephram was up and dressed before anyone else because he couldn't wait for his Gotcha Day breakfast:). He rode with Brian to pick up hashbrowns, a doughnut, and chocolate milk.

We did do school..but it went quick.

For lunch he wanted a Lunchable...but has NEVER eaten them if I get one so we decided to create it ourselves. So we gave him gogurt, chips with cheese, and skittles.

Then pumpkin muffins for snack.

Then Blue Gatorade and Sour Cream chips for second snack.

Lots of games, books, and reading with mommy.

Fort Making while I did school with Kinsey

And he asked for Tacos for dinner. Ephram has decided that Tacos are his new favorite dinner:). 

When Daddy came home there was tickling, card games, laughing, reading, and even a slushie for dessert.

I am so thankful God chose you for our family, Ephram. You are unique and make our family so much more fun! You love to build, create, and use your imagination constantly. You make up amazing stories...if only I could keep up and write them all down! 
I can not wait to see what God is going to do with your life and how He will use you!

I love you my sweet Ephram. Happy Gotcha day.