Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010

*this is just a diary for me b/c i love tracking our 'ordinary' days. i don't write down every run, game, book read, or trip to the pool, etc...just what comes to mind at the end of the day.

June 1- canceled our FIRST pool day because of thunder and a downpour all morning, got stood up by the piano teacher, went to buy cailey's expensive (not very attractive) swim team bathing suit, watched kinsey save ephram's life (lego in the mouth), played outside with the kiddos, had neighbor kids over (INSIDE the house) all evening, listened to the boys playing on the monitor:), watched ephram clap his hands, and had an impromptu ice cream party.

June 2- ran 3 on the treadmill (wanted to do more but ran out of time), took the kids swimming outside for the first time this season!, loved watching ephram get SO excited for a banana, cleaned the house, did some laundry, gave e his first shower, got the house power washed, cooked a high carb dinner for cailey before swim team, and had a great talk with Braden.

June 3- woke up and sang "Happy Birthday" to my baby boy, took pictures of ephram asleep in Janet's arms in the pool, went to the bread store for the first time and left with 48 hot dog buns, ran errands for e's party, baked a German Chocolate cake for nonny's birthday, cooked a yummy dinner for nonny and poppy, sang Happy Birthday many more times, listened to sweet voices on a message singing for our boy, and spilled my big surprise for nonny's birthday.

June 4- enjoyed watching e play with his mylar for a long time, turned a cake and 20 cupcakes into lions, ran errands with poppy, went to marbles, watched a determined kinsey saw a piece of wood completely apart, cleaned, listened to many games getting played with nonny, surprised everyone with a visit from auntie anne, went to casalinga (my fav), came home to a half eaten cake (buddy), crashed in bed.

June 5- woke up to cheer on cailey at a HOT swim meet (and was so proud), cut up lots of veggies, prepared lots of food, cleaned, had 2 HUGE helpers (thanks mom and anne!), had to fix mini lions (thanks anne), welcomed many friends and my brothers family, had a fun but crazy few hours, watched ephram get more excited about a banana than cake, watched the dog eat hot dogs off of the outside table, opened presents, had great fellowship, was embarrassed by my husband with cake:), cleaned up tiny toys, sat in a room waiting for Abby to fall asleep, and crashed in bed with very sore heels.

June 6- said goodbye to Nonny and Poppy, heard the pitter patter of 10 feet before 7:00am, (Nicky woke up later), played monkey in the middle, tried to help my bro and leigh with coupons, bid them farewell, called Nonny so the kids could sing "Happy Birthday" to her, taught e how to play peek a boo (with HIM covering his eyes), witnessed the first barbour children pillow fight, and relaxed.

June 7- worried about mom while she was at the hospital but things are 'fine' for now, spent hours at the pool, watched kinsey swim the length of the pool and tread water 28 seconds before her head went under and they told her to try again another day for her black band (had to be 30 sec), played lots of connect four, prepped for an ABC play with me class at Storybook Safari, watched excited kids welcome Rebecca to Camp Aunt Heather, had them make a list of things to do this week, taught my class (first one in 1 1/2 years!), made subs for dinner, dealt with rebecca's lost tooth (ew), and listened for quiet.

June 8- woke up to another lost tooth (this time cailey), ran 3, listened to early morning piano lessons, played with e in the pool (lots), cheered on sweet kinsey as she earned her black band!!, played games, baked cookies with the girls, watched a sweet reunion between cailey and lise (who is back from germany) and took them to dinner at the mall, got the girls bff necklaces for losing their teeth, talked for a while with my big boy.

June 9- ran on the treadmill, saw my sweet baby asleep in a bouncy seat in the midst of chaos, took everyone swimming at a different pool, watched braden do AWESOME by swimming two laps, gabbed with lots of friends there, put on a movie for the kids, played lots of games, swim team practice, extended talk time for the girls, and extra snuggle time with my boys.

June 10- went to jumpin' beans with marsie and the five kiddos and enjoyed catching up, taught rebecca new games, gave them candy bars from germany, read lots of books to the two youngest, went to storybook safari to teach a parent child class for the first time in almost two years, came home to the surprise smell of homemade pizza, cleaned, talked with the neighbor while watching the three oldest running through the sprinkler and eating cookies, talked to mom on the phone for a long time, and snuggled with my baby who now plays peek a boo by covering the back of his head instead of his eyes.

June 11- went to china grove to take rebecca home and hang out with laura, spent a lot of time in the car, tried to feed ephram but he wouldn't eat anything except bananas...all day, worried, got 16 boxes of cereal for $2, enjoyed early bedtimes, missed brian, and worried more about e not eating.

June 12- slept in, got the kids set for a 'new to us' sprayground, went through 200 pictures of it, played games with braden for hours (mancala, guess who, and connect 4), ate chinese food, spent one on one time reading books and singing with my baby, fed ephram LOTS of food, read books, played more games, and read more books to the kiddos.

June 13- relaxed!

June 14- took the two oldest to choir camp, played hours of old maid and memory with kinsey, played mancala LOTS of time with cailey, ran to jumping beans to pick up movie tickets that braden won, taught ABC play with me, surprised braden (and had so much fun) by taking him to see a pre screening of toy story 3 in 3D, LOVED the movie!

June 15- went for a run (3 in the HEAT), listened to piano lessons, hurried to choir camp, made money at CVS and Walgreen's, picked up Braden while Cailey stayed for pizza and solo practice, took 3 to Kroger for free food, rushed to pick Cailey up, played more mancala, met friends at CFA for kid's night including free Silly Bandz, went to HT for 11 more boxes of cereal.

June 16- dropped the biggies at choir camp, did speedwork with janet and beth, picked up an extra kid, picnicked and went swimming at the williams pool, washed cailey's hair with ultraswim...amazing results, played games, did 7 loads of laundry, cleaned the house, secretly listened to all the songs of the kids' musical on the monitor from the sweetest unsuspecting 6 year old boy who remembered every word while cooking a quick high carb meal before swimteam only to find out it was canceled for thunder, printed and cut out lots of q's for triples next week, got a great deal on crocs, and went to bed early.

June 17- attempted a 3 mile run and failed from humidity, heat, and sore quads, played 3 hours of games with kinsey, listened to my baby boy NOT take a nap (boy, turning up the monitor has been eye opening!), took excited cailey to open a savings account, got free stuff at target, changed MANY diapers and listened to my baby in pain because of a horrible diaper rash caused by continuous pooping, snuggled with my baby, ate a yummy dinner with the family because my class was canceled, cut more coupons, sang lots of songs, and stayed up too late.

June 18- rested, played games with kinsey, changed lots of diapers in the am, listened to thumb sucking on the monitor (so sweet!), picked up the kids from choir camp and surprised them with lunch, spent the afternoon at the pool, helped with swimming technique, watched a lot of sliding, beamed during braden and cailey's choir musical, was silly with the oldest three when we got was FUN to be silly with them:), found out that triples is really going to be super doubles, and psyched myself up for a hot run tomorrow.

June 19- went on a four mile run but had to walk a mile home b/c my lungs couldn't handle the humidity, spent the day at the pool with the fam, swam under little legs, chased kiddos, laughed, swam 40 laps, went down the slide, listened to Toy Story 1, cut brian's hair, had a date with braden by surprising him with a cfa milkshake...just the two of us:), sang with the kiddos (stuff from the musical), babysat kinsey's baby Holly while she went 'running', figured out e's new fav milkshakes!, listened to the girls playing very nicely, and went through a year's worth of fb status updates.

June 20- relaxed, gave presents to Brian for father's day, enjoyed hearing the kids' musical again, and hugged my babies lots.

June 21- ran 3 and felt some relief from the humidity (though it was still hot), cleaned, took the kiddos to the pool, got to watch the william's kids and had fun with them, watched the potato heads, animals, and cootie bugs get played with more than they have in a year, taught ABC play with me, watched ephram really 'get' clapping, showed daddy how attached ephram is to his doggie (SO cute), watched braden play chase with ephram and listened to wonderful giggles, swim team practice, pizza for dinner, books on cd,snuggles from my baby, and a great talk with a friend

June 22- procrastinated matchups for super doubles tomorrow, didn't run, listened to an extra long piano lesson, went to the pool with kell, snuggled a baby who fell asleep on me in the pool, took braden to the library for a super fun summer program, read to the girls, went to kids night at chick fil a for silly bandz night...crazy!, spent time looking at the kids' silly bandz with them (LOVE enjoying things they love to do), and caught up on blogging.

June 23- did 16 intervals of speed work and stayed on 8.0 or 4.0 the whole time, forgot my bathing suit at home, survived 3 hours in the heat with ephram while the biggies played in the pool, took a REALLY cold shower to cool off, rested, went to HT for super doubles, snuggled a teething, grumpy baby.

June 24- ran over 5 miles on the treadmill, had really SORE legs, forgot my breakfast and lunch, took the kids +lindsey -braden to the pool, held ephram while he slept on me in the pool, listened to giggles (from cailey and lindsey), had two helpers bake brownies, got a sweet card, taught a cute lesson on turtles, went to HT with kinsey, made brownie sundaes and put in a movie for the girls, missed braden, rocked ephram lots, and crashed...with sore legs.

June 25- had a mostly 'at home' day, hugged braden lots (and listened to all the fun things he did at his sleepover with reece), said goodbye to lindsey, watched an excited cailey say hello and play with audrey (neighbor's granddaughter) most of the day, played games, dried off wet kids, read lots of books, took the kiddos to the sprayground at the mall, dried them off again, fed the kids a high carb dinner, and started packing.

June 26- ran 4 (3/2 intervals) with heather EARLY in the morning, came home to a sick brian so took cailey to her swim meet where i cheered loud enough to make up for him not being there, went to target and HT for great deals, listened to laughter from the kiddos on the neighbors slip n' slide, packed with kinsey, shopped with braden, snuggled a grumpy teething (hurting) boy, and ate a yummy brownie.

June 27- packed, drove to MD, ate dinner with nonny and poppy (and all the kiddos), watched ephram reach for a THRILLED nonny, went shopping with nonny, went to bed early.

June 28- wondered why the kids always get up at 6:00am when we're here...EVERY TIME, dressed everyone for the pool and waited all day only to find out there was no electricity there, played tons of games, had a sick hubby, made the kids their favorite lunch: pizza, played more games, watched the rain come down in sheets, watched poppy play with ephram...lots, took the kids to the library, and watched tv with nonny.

June 29- woke up early...again, took the 3 oldest to a free movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), taught ephram how to play "asleep (where he lays his head down)/ awake", played a games while the baby napped, went to the AWESOME slide/diving board/pool here, came home to a yummy dinner, watched the kids swing with poppy, went shopping with nonny, played games with poppy, went to bed too late.

June 30- went on a cool morning run with the family following behind (AWESOME), played games, taught braden how to dive (YAY), continued to be amazed by kinsey jumping off of the high dive over and over, was excited for Cailey who got to go down the GIANT slide for the first time, sent the older two to ride around the track on their bikes with daddy, spent a lot of time reading books with ephram, watched as braden finished reading the last book in the Magic Tree House series...(all of which he's read LOTS of times), fed ephram shrimp (which he loved) and ice cream for dessert, watched nonny and kinsey play lots of games, was the banker in Monopoly while the kids played with daddy, and watched re runs.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game Time with my Girl

color match, to grandmother's house we go

letter sounds game, animal matching

hi ho cherry-o, old maid, princess memory, puzzles, candy land,
chutes and ladders, rhyming memory, pretty pretty princess,
pick up stix, listening game, hey diddle diddle, old macdonald, name a few...

I got a WHOLE WEEK to spend with this sweet girl while the big kids were at choir camp and ephram was napping (or crawling around us). We played lots and lots and lots of games, laughed, colored together, made crafts, sang songs, did school, played with ephram, read books, and played more games. It was SO FUN to have this precious time with you, Kinsey! I love you!

Monday, June 28, 2010

friends forever

The first night Rebecca was here she lost a tooth. The next day Cailey lost a tooth. That night we went to the mall and saw these 'friends forever' necklaces and the girls REALLY wanted them. I didn't even know they still made these but loved them as a kid so of course I had to say yes! This was their tooth fairy present. They were THRILLED and EXCITED...and it just added to their "twins" thing. I really do hope they will be forever friends and as close as Laura and I are! BUT Cailey's necklace broke the next day...I need to get it fixed. I'm so glad their friendship isn't as easily broken as the necklace!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

more aunt camp fun

the girls LOVE acting like they are
twins and wanted to match as much as
possible..hmmm...wonder where they picked
that up!

fun at Jumpin' Beans! we went on the perfect day because there was no one there.

even ephram had fun! he played in the toddler area and
bounced while i was in there

braden had a great time too and had a playdate with braeden!

fun, silly, excited boys!


lunch break with all the kids

more games

loving on my littles

as if we didn't have enough water time...the
girls wanted to jump in the sprinkler:)

the list: go to the shopping mall, polish nails, jumping beans, go to the pool, go to the park,
watch a movie, bake something, play games. (some things were written on the back)

These pictures are from when Cailey went to Camp Aunt Laura's in August:

they even celebrated cailey's birthday since rebecca wasn't able to come to her party!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aunt Camp...another fun day

another day, another pool

kinsey was thrilled to go down the slide with cailey!

there were lots of friends to play with at the pool that day!

three baby boys hanging out.
carter, ephram, and jay

then ephram BIT carter's toe...and once carter calmed down he PULLED ephram's hair. gotta love babies!

another baby boy to play with!

home for more games

love how cailey plays with her hair when she's tired, concentrating, or nervous...she's done it her whole life. she was SUPER tired and has her bathing suit on because she still had swim team practice that evening!