Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011

June 1- started potty training ephram, stayed attached to him all day, read tons of books, played lots of games, did play doh, tickled, encouraged, prayed, listened to kinsey read, sent the two middles with brian for braden's swim team and a swimming date with the klick's while i stayed home and played play doh with ephram.

June 2- day 2 of staying at home potty training so lots more games, puzzles, trampoline, tag, reading, stamping, tutored A, took a nap, sent family to the pool in the evening while ephram and i stayed at home and played together, chased, sorted, colored, tickled, and raced cars.

June 3- sang happy birthday to my baby boy...all day long:), watched alex, went to the william's pool for a playdate, surprised the three youngest with a super quick visit from nonny and poppy, pizza night for his bday, presents, games, picked up my sweet girl from camp, kiddos shared a slushy, jumped on the trampoline (surprised cailey with it) and caught lightning bugs with the fam.

June 4- up early for a swim meet to cheer on C and B, cailey made new friends, kids did awesome, braden went to baseball pool party, the girls had a playdate with emily and grace, baked a cake and cupcakes, decorated goodie bags with braden, took kinsey to caroline's birthday party for a great time.

June 5- woke up to cinnamon bread from brian for our anniversary, church with marsie and tony, shopping with fam for ephram's party, cleaned with the kiddos, made the farm/animal cake, ephram's 2nd birthday party, LOTS of fun/laughing/playing/jumping and hanging out.

June 6- Cailey and Brian ran 2 miles, Happy birthday song for nonny!, pool with chapman's and corbett' fun!, lots of stories for ephram, listened to kinsey read, hang out time with cailey, cookie monster play doh with ephram (who is still scared of the 'spaghetti playdoh')- LOVE how he calls it mato, lots of playing with cars and new birthday presents, bubbles, kiddie pool set up, read ephram's new Doggie book no less than 7 times in a row, gave brian a new helicopter and watch ephram LOVE seeing it fly over his head, grace and emily over to play with girls (YAY), cake devoured, sprinkler/pool fun, soccer, basketball, and lots o' mosquito bites for all.

June 7- hard run for Cailey girl, went to marbles with friends!, read with kinsey, got Krispy Kreme for Brian, watched Grace and Emily, introduced the kiddos to silly string:), took out lots of craft stuff and watched them go at it, took little man on a date to the mall for dinner/rides/train ride/play place while the others were playing in the pool with daddy and doing swim team practice.

June 8- pool with kiddos, lots of chasing/splashing/playing/running/swimming laps/catching baby/laughing, downtime, crafts with the kiddos (including emily and grace), swim team practice/pool with daddy, crash.

June 9- Cailey ran 3 miles up hills with brian and had a GREAT run, water playdate at the hilemans, lots of fun splashing/sliding/washing/'painting', HOT day, tutored A, watched G&E, went to CFA with Morgan's and Lawley's for a school's out celebration with inflatables/etc., FULL day with back to back fun.

June 10- watched alex and ashton, met beth at her pool for the morning, had a nice low key afternoon and evening at home (YAY), made carbs for my runners, played games, read lots to the kiddos, and put everyone to bed early.

June 11- 5am wake up call for team cailey!, cheered on Cailey and Brian as they ran the Susan G. Komen 5k in 33:19 (AWESOME since the hills are ridiculous), washed the cars (kiddos washed the toy cars:), took kinsey then braden on bike rides, lots of trampoline jumping, watched carter, played trains, watched kinsey take ephram on a walk, sent brian and braden off to a fun campout at the Durham Bulls game, did puzzles/books/games/songs/musical instruments/sorting/etc. with the girls, and realized kinsey has a very wiggly tooth.

June 12- day of rest with some cleaning, nerf gun fights, potty 're'training, and addison's princess party for kinsey (yay for one on one time with my girl) to go to:).

June 13- did a kickbox class with molly, met frances at the pool (and chapman's), spent a LONG time there, afternoon games, lots of jumping on the trampoline, bike rides, cailey played at the morgan's until dinner, brainstormed fun summer things with the kiddos, and watched a nerf gun fight.

June 14- workout with cheryl, pool with beth/kelly/cheryl, watched the kiddos light up with JOY over getting ice cream at the pool, sent braden off to caden's for the afternoon (and heard they caught a frog, played legos, nerf gun fight, and more...had a blast!), brought ashton home for the afternoon along with emily and all the girls did crafts, jumped, chased, etc. sent big kids off to swim team practice while i played games and read books with kinsey and ephram.

June 15- kiddos did 8am swim practice, took kiddos to the library, went to a fun playdate at the corbett's with the klick's, surprised kiddos by having auntie anne come and meet us there, played just dance on the wii with fun!, watched emily, kiddos went to fun bible study at bayleaf, went out to eat with anne:), and introduced her to wordfeud and pingchat while hanging out:).

June 16- sent kiddos to swim team practice at 8am, took ephram to his 2 year check up (by himself) where he grew into the 10% for height and 3% in weight!, anne took kinsey and met kiddos at pool then took them to the playground for an hour, met everyone with ephram and went to the pool with anne and kiddos...and met corbett's and lawley's for lots of fun, watched each of the kiddos pair off (bryce and braden, jay/alex/ephram, stacey and kinsey, and ashton and cailey) and have a BLAST, listened to kinsey read, anne sorted/did patterns with ephram and kinsey while i cooked dinner, watched anne play just dance with the girls (so funny!), made a yummy smores dessert while anne jumped on the trampoline with cailey, sent tired kiddos to bed, and hung out with miami!

June 17- watched ashton and alex, another fun swim day with aunti anne AND tricia at the wakefield pool, just dance for the girls and auntie plus emily and grace, ipad arrived...which braden and kinsey wanted to play on:), brian played MORE with his helicopter and entertained everyone:), early bedtimes for an early meet in the morning.

June 18- swim meet, sweet becca came to stay with us for Camp Aunt Heather!!, kiddos spent the day playing in their rooms/jumping on the trampoline/watching Narnia, brian and braden ran errands, watched William's kids for a super fun evening of playing freeze and tv tag, dodge ball, mother may i, hours of JUST Dance on the wii, and ending with a late night showing of Toy Story 2...SUPER late night for the kiddos.

June 19- Happy Father's Day!, paintings/crafts/cards/helicopter/ipod touch for daddy, church, Golden Corral with Klick's to celebrate the daddies, brian took three girls to Monkey Joe's for the afternoon/evening to use our food/jump passes, just dance on the wii, and early bedtimes.

June 20- took kiddos to choir camp, spent three hours playing trains/reading/chasing/giving piggy back rides over and over/playing games with ephram:), picked up kiddos, watched bike riding and trampoline jumping, kiddos spent the afternoon playing card and board games and decided not to go swimming after nap time, surprised them (including rebecca) with two games of lunar putt putt and the girlfriends with new matchy outfits, got a disappointing email from jewel kirk about choir camp behavior, and wished L a happy birthday!

June 21- big kiddos went to choir camp, went to the mall for a playdate for ephram with jay/addison/alex/ fun!, watched the littles have fun sliding/chasing/play trains, picked up the kiddos and let them pick what they wanted at the grocery store, cailey and rebecca went to play with emily and grace all afternoon, played games with kinsey and braden during naptime, went to the pool after ephram got up and stayed until closing...ordered pizza and daddy came:)!

June 22- choir camp, hosted alex, scarlett and carter for a playdate, watched the toddlers play trains with the set up table, picked up kiddos and went to the mall for lunch with cheryl, cailey got her hair chopped, rebecca and cailey stayed at the mall with ashton then went home with her for a playdate, games for kinsey and braden, sent all five to swimteam/pool with brian, went out to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate beth's birthday, and came home late to sneak hugs from my sleeping angels.

June 23- choir camp, watched alex in the morning and went to meet carter to play at a toystore, met up with scarlett, picked up the kiddos and hugged them quickly before they went over to emily and grace's for a sprinkler playdate all afternoon, made a picnic dinner, went to the pool with the eshlemans in the afternoon and stayed until it closed for swim team and playtime (and williams...and whites!)

June 24- choir camp, watched alex and met carter and scarlett to play, listen to stories, and found a new place room in the mall for the babies, picked up kiddos and had them rest all afternoon by watching movies, reading, and playing games, took ephram to eshleman's for the evening, watched the musical the kids have been working on all week, hosted the welch's for the night, and went to chili's with laura...withOUT the kiddos, and stayed up WAY too late.

June 25- early rising for swim meet, cheered lots, came home only to realize sweet cailey had a high fever and was sick the rest of the day...snuggled lots with my big girl while brian ran errands with braden, listened to kinsey read, played with full of joy! and had to cancel our evening dinner/pool plans with the klick's b/c cailey was too sick:(.

June 26- sent everyone off to church and stayed home with a very sick cailey girl, snuggled, prayed, sang, rubbed her back, spent the day taking care of my sweet girl while everyone else played, ran errands, and went to the second performance of the choir show. (cailey had to miss it because of being sick).

June 27- met the white's at the pool for a playdate, brought zoe home to play with cailey for the day (they had a blast), packed, ran to super doubles with brian and ephram for the first time, bought ephram doggie stickers for staying dry at night (clearly potty training him hasn't been as easy as the others), and took the big kids to a boy scout movie night.

June 28- sent the big kids off to swimteam while i did one last super double run (only my second), finished packing the van, picked them up and drove to MD to see my parents, had a great/funny talk with cheryl on the phone, ephram stayed dry the WHOLE five hours!, (only to later poop in his pants...sigh), kiddos played mostly outside until nonny came home then played with her, then presented nonny with her new ipad and started teaching her how to use it.

June 29- mom worked while we: baked her a happy retirement cake with the kids (german chocolate...her fav!), cleaned the kitchen as a team, went to a playground, played tons of games, after she came home (from her last day of work EVER) we set up the slip n slide for the kiddos who loved it, played games with nonny, took the dogs for a walk with cailey and had great talks, and played more games before bed. (then mom and i hung on on the ipad together:)

June 30- went to a new wegman's with mom and the kids for lunch and a tour (brought back memories from when i would stay with granny and go:), played games with braden, played mother may i with all the kiddos (including ephram who knew just what to say:), enjoyed the cool evening with the kids, read lots to them, watched the kids play many games of war, read, and play outside for hours, and helped mom figure out her ipad more:).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bouncies, balloons, and bunnies...oh my!

Chick fil A had a 'school's out' celebration so we went with the Lawley's and the Morgans. The kids had a great time and even got to see Ms. Katherine (who somehow didn't get her picture taken:). It was super hot but everyone had lots of fun:).

DOGGIE!! and a doggie balloon! ephram LOVES all things doggie and will SCREAM "doggie" (with a long o sound) when he sees them.

a monkey holding a monkey on a tree...a bunny

neighbors and friends!

they hung out until it was over:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

answered prayer

We have several houses for sale on our street so Cailey and I started praying months ago that God would bring her a girl her age to play with. We LOVE the families we 'do life' with but no one has girls her age so often times she's either playing with the boys or much younger girls...which is fine but we've just been praying that someone would come in her life who was the same age.

One afternoon I heard her playing outside in the backyard and she was shouting to someone. I couldn't figure out who she was talking to because our yard backs up to a storage facility. I went outside and craned my head around the side yard to barely see some kids jumping on a trampoline. You could only see them when they were airborne but she's awesome and somehow figured out that one of the girls was in her the same grade! It wasn't the girl's was her neighbors. And it's not on our street but it's the street beside ours down at the end of the cud de it would be far to walk all the way around but there is a cut through which makes it a one minute walk.

That night was their choir performance so I was able to meet her sweet family. We met Grace (the 3rd grader), her sister Emily (who is only a year older than kinsey...but 2 years in school), and her brother Winston (who is a year older than ephram). We also found out that they've lived there for 1o years (and we've been here 7)...CRAZY that they were here all along but because we on different streets we had NO idea! They've been in choir together for three years! The next weekend Grace came over to play one day and the kiddos had a great time.

picnic lunch

over the next month the girls got together a lot for crafts, just dance on the wii,

balloon play,

cailey's first experience with silly string which was super fun,

more crafts...for father's day,

play in the sprinkler, baby pool, and trip to their big pool,

play soccer and basketball,

jump on BOTH of their trampolines, watch movies,

and have super long playdates including dinner and chasing lightning bugs. this pic was taken after i went to pick cailey up one night from a long playdate. they've been begging for a sleepover which we plan to do after the 4th when everyone is back in town. it has truly been a HUGE blessing and answer to prayer to have them come in our lives and we can't wait to watch the kiddos become even better friends!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Auntie Anne Comes to Town!

Auntie Anne was reading Ephram the birthday gift she got for him..."Llama llama Red Pajama". He asks for it 'again' and 'again'. She also played lots of games and listened to Kinsey read.

She bought the big kiddos 'Just Dance for kids' on the wii and we all had fun playing it. It's a fav of Cailey's now and she's gotten really good at it. It sure is a great workout too! Then they jumped on the trampoline together:).

I didn't take many pics at home because we spend most of our time at the pool with her. We always LOVE when she comes and can't wait for the next visit! We love you, Auntie Anne!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun day in the woods!

we went to a playdate at the Corbett's with the Klicks and once again ALL the kiddos had a great time! their kiddos are so sweet (and other than cailey match up perfectly in age/gender to ours) and their backyard is so fun for all of them! cailey's fav is the rope swing but she had a great time in the creek with the boys too..oh...and in the clubhouse.

ephram LOVED his first time on the rope swing. jay is AMAZING on this thing and can do it himself!

the three girls had a blast playing together...and spent time on the rope swing too. Stacey was awesome on it!

the baby boys played in water, jumped on the trampoline, pushed shopping carts, and ate lots of food:)

visiting the chickens!

the big boys spent most of their time in the creek...i didn't wander down there because i was too afraid of poison ivy but did snap this picture of them on the ramp.

while we were there auntie anne came to surprise the kids. braden was hilarious! he heard me talking to her, turned his head, and literally did a double take before running to her for a big hug! then kinsey saw...and cailey noticed from down in the woods. she was staying with us for a few days and they were EXCITED! (so was i:)

right away cailey brought her into the woods so she could watch her on the rings

finally got a close up of the big boys at the end. they had so much fun finding name it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Double Date with Cailey

Cheryl and I took the girls to Kanki for a date night. It was Cailey's first time at a Japanese restaurant and she was fascinated!

She ordered her first Shirley Temple like Ashton...and loved the soup the most.

complete with a mint chocolate chip parfait!

We had a great time with them and can't wait for more girl dates!