Thursday, July 30, 2009

Second Surprise

On our way home we decided to surprise our sweet friends, Katie and Joey in Connecticut. We met them in Seminary and lived a few doors down from them in the same apartment building. I actually called Joey the night before to set it up so he knew we were coming, but Katie had no idea. We only had an hour to catch up, but once again it was just like old no time had passed. We were able to meet their two sweet girls crazy to think how many kids we all have now! We love you guys!!

katie and sweet lucie

they have an amazing view!

sweet nadine

oh...and today is my two year Blogaversary:)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Minute Shoot

sweet Alex (2 months old)

sweet Abby (almost 3)

We have never met Abby before so we were super excited to be able to meet her and Alex! I wanted to take some pictures of them so one evening we went to a nearby park and got some great ones:).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best Surprise!

When we moved to Massachusetts, Stef and I met through work. We both taught at the same school and worked with some of the same children. She and Dave weren't married yet, so for the first year they'd come up to our apartment for dinner, games, music, and pretty much just craziness. We went to their wedding a year later and the rest is History! We had SO much fun with them and they mean a lot to us! We've been on days trips together, and longer trips to Niagara Falls and North Myrtle Beach. Stef and I went to Grad school together and took most of the same classes. They were even there at Cailey's birth (well...Dave wasn't in the room when it was TIME) and for the first year of her life. It was so hard moving away and knowing that we wouldn't be able to see them as much.

As soon as Brian planned this trip I had him call Dave to make plans so I could surprise Stef. Originally I wanted to go to our favorite Friday night restaurant (Polcari's) and show up at their table for the big surprise. BUT Stef just had a baby two months ago so we thought it would be better to just show up at their condo. I've been so excited since the beginning of June (and have talked to her a million times since then...including the day before) and couldn't wait to see the look on her face!

i love it!

We were able to hang out with them two of the evenings and it was just like old no time had gone by at all! We love and miss you guys already! Can't wait for you to come...ahem...STEF:)!!

big dorks:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip to MA

Since we are going to Korea in the fall, Brian and I stayed close and went on our 10 year anniversary trip to MA for a long weekend while Nonny and Poppy watched the kiddos. We haven't been back in over five years and were very excited to have alone time and visit all of our favorite towns and cities!

Massachusetts has CRAZY summer weather and even though the forecast predicted it to be 85 degrees everyday (which never happens there) I decided to pack warm clothes 'just in case'. I am SO thankful that I did because the first two days there were COLD and misty. Even though it wasn't perfect weather we still had an awesome time and got some great sunshine on the last two days.

Salem, MA

We lived in an OLD house in Salem when we first moved up to MA. I was scared and thought one thing when I heard the word Salem: witches. There definitely is a 'darker' side and feeling around there (especially around Halloween) but we had tons of great times there too.

(Lynch Park)

We used to picnic at this beautiful park all the time. Brian discovered it our first summer up there while temping nearby. One side of it is a gorgeous rose/flower garden and the other side is the ocean!

Quincy Market

Boston Common
terrorizing the pigeons:)

we have MANY years of pictures by this tree near the swan
boats, and Make Way for Ducklings statues:)

Boston Harbor

Rockport...we LOVE it there!

It was a perfect day to be there and there were tons of boats sailing by. The winter after Cailey was born, Brian took me to a B&B for my birthday up the middle of a snowstorm:). Rockport holds many great memories for us.

eating an 'elephant ear'


Newburyport...another quaint, beautiful town
the last time we were here i was nine months pregnant!

We had such a great time on our trip and are so thankful that Nonny and Poppy were willing to watch the kiddos!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

paint with water

kinsey LOVES paint with water....she can go
through a whole book in one sitting!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monkey Joe's

they were so excited!

towards the end...tiring out

at one point all three of them were playing in this area
and Cailey got called out by an employee because it's for
kids 3 and under...oops! HOWEVER....he didn't say a word
about Braden being in there. i had him get out too, seeing as though
he's FIVE!

sweet Addison..i always get pictures of
her because she's always close by:)

Cailey's been to Monkey Joe's in Charlotte with Auntie Anne a couple times (a few years ago) and always talks about how great it is. When she found out that we were getting one here she was beyond excited! We went there with some friends last Tuesday and they had a BLAST!! There were so many things for them to climb, jump, slide, and play on! They were already asking when they could go back that same night:).

Friday, July 24, 2009

A week of Playdates

Caden was so sweet and wanted to play games with
us the whole time! We played Uno Attack and Sorry for almost
1 1/2 fun!!

During the week that Cailey and Braden were at VBS/Sports Camp in the mornings, we had our afternoons full of play dates. Two of the days we had friends over to play (and have ice cream:), two days we went swimming, and one day we just hung out. We've been LOVING summer and all the time we get to spend together!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cailey's first Triathlon

transition area

Cailey was 2nd to last in the water and had waited
almost 2 hours at this point....she was READY for her 50!!

swimming was the hardest part for her, but
she hung in and was ready to climb out

moving on to the transition area to change

trying to get socks on wet feet...and we couldn't help her

now she was ready for her 2 mile bike ride...which started
on a steep hill that lasted forever! when she was training she
had to get off and 'walk' her bike everytime, but the day
of the race she was able to make it up EVERY hill without
stopping!! we were SO proud of her!!!

coming back

these kids were so trained to stop at the intersections, and a lot
of them would slow down on the hill even though there was a police
officer to stop traffic:)

the running begins (this is her strongest area)

everyone fell over laughing when she dumped
the water on her head!

she ran past the girl who was way ahead of her
and had a strong finish...up the hill. we were SO proud of her!

finish line in sight!

NOT loving that this was blurry, but it was
probably caused by my screaming and cheering:)

her medal


posing with her biggest cheerleader!

posing with her coach:)

A few weeks ago I saw a sign at the YMCA for a kids triathlon and mentioned it in passing to Cailey. As soon as the words came out of my mouth she was BEGGING to participate. At first I wasn't sure because she missed the training for it that they held at the Y, but after days of her asking, I decided to sign her up. Brian took her to the course a couple times for bike practice, and once for the running practice. Both times that she biked were very discouraging for her because there were so many hills, but we just told her to walk when she needed to. She always did great with the running...and even ran 1 1/2 miles one day! She practiced the swimming once (because of VBS, and trips there wasn't opportunities to swim) and wasn't worried about it.

The night before the race the YMCA had a catered lasagna dinner for the racers and their families so they could 'carb up'.

The day of the big race she had to wake up at 5:30am, arrive at 6:00 to set up her transition area, and the race started at 7:00....for the big kids. Her turn finally came at 7:55 and she was psyched! So psyched that there was a little trouble in the pool after the first lap (because she swam her hardest so quickly)....but she got it done! Then she went on to biking where she NEVER got off of it to walk! I couldn't believe my baby biked up all of the HUGE hills! Last up was the run...her best, and favorite of the three. She was SO proud of her medal and that she finished the race. As soon as she got her medal she said, "this means I'm a winner!!" We were so proud that both of us teared up. She finished!! What an accomplishment! She's already asking to sign up for the next one...
to be continued!