Monday, December 31, 2007

Family Outing

Since we will be starting our jobs again soon and Cailey will start school on Wednesday, we decided to take them to Chuck E. Cheese's this morning. It's been so fun having Brian home and getting to go places as a family...during the day...when it's not on the weekend and crowded! There weren't too many people there today so it made it really nice and the kids didn't have to wait for anything. Cailey loved playing basketball there, Kinsey liked the gigantic rocking horse and Braden like any game where he could drive. Note to those of you who don't have kids yet: DO NOT under any circumstances let your children try ski ball until they are 7...or maybe 8:). ALL three of them threw the balls overhanded almost hit people! It probably wouldn't have been that bad if we were teaching them one at a time but they all wanted to play it at the same time! They were basically done after an hour and a half so we walked to CiCi's for lunch and walked around babies r us (hoping that we'll need to go there soon:)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Matchy Matchy

I LOVE dressing the kids alike but didn't do it that often until this year when both the girls needed new wardrobes. (I have no idea what happened to most of Cailey's 2T things...I think I lent them out and forgot to who). Cailey loves dressing the same as Kinsey and usually asks to do it...otherwise I wouldn't have them match. The only problem is that Braden wants to match too-but they don't really make that many things for boys and girls that match...not to mention he's worn the same size for years and doesn't need any new clothes!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

All about Me by Cailey

My name is Cailey Anne. I am five yers old. My favrit color is turquoise. I like to play games with mommy. The games I like to play are Candy Land and To Grandmas House we Go and Pick up Sticks and Pretty Pretty Princess and Care Bears. I also like to play outside in the front yard with Daddy. We play basketball and with other toys.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today we had a great sunny day and spent some time playing outside, shopping at an outdoor mall and playing games! The kids have been great about letting me take their pictures so I'm taking full advantage of it while it lasts:).

Cailey got to play with a couple of neighbors outside
during Braden and Kinsey's naptime

Brian took this one after Kinsey got up
from her nap while we were snuggling

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Peek a boo!

While Brian was out with Cailey and Braden a few days ago I was able to spend some great time with Kinsey! We played peek a boo, colored, laced beads, and read lots of books! It was so fun to hang out with just her and really get a chance to get her talking. I think she holds back on the talking because there's usually so many other people doing it for her. I can't wait to spend even more one on one time with her and the other kids while Brian is off work this week. Today we spent the day as a family exchanging gifts, going out to lunch, and using Cailey's new microphone:)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas To All!

My co worker, Janice, told me about a tradition her family has on Christmas day and at first I thought it was silly. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me so we tried it today and it was great! She said that every Christmas they take all day to open presents and most years don't finish until 9:00 pm. They appreciate each gift, take their time, try them out and don't have the 'let down' that Christmas is over after 30 minutes of opening presents in the morning. Although we didn't keep going until 9:00 pm we did finish up around 1:00. If we didn't have company it would have been even longer but it was hard to keep it up with the craziness of extra people and a toddler. It really was neat because the kids took turns opening gifts and then we would open them up and check them out. We played the new games they got, tried on new clothes, and read new books. They weren't concerned with opening presents while we were playing and no gifts were ignored or tossed aside. It is a tradition that we will keep and hopefully will be as successful in the future as it was today. We also had the kids pick out gifts for each other and us this year and that was pretty cute/interesting. Braden knew right away he wanted to get Brian an ornament and we shopped all around before he decided on a Star Wars one:). Cailey didn't really know what she wanted to get him but wanted to go to a bookstore. Once there she decided he would like a Simpson's can tell I had NO influence on that one...but it's the thought that counts! I think she was going for the cartoon character, but it's just so neat to see them choosing for others and being so proud of themselves! Cailey got me a scarf, which Brian said she wanted to get me right from the start. Braden got me slippers...but I think Brian suggested that because Braden couldn't think of anything. They are really comfy though, so I'm glad he did!

I just love the jammie pics!

Brian loves his ornament:)

Breakfast break between opening gifts

The favorites this year were...Cailey: her microphone with her
new suitcase in a close second. She's been FASCINATED with
microphones as far back as I can remember and was wishing she
could sing in the microphone at church just last night. The relatives
were tired of it but it didn't bother me:) Braden: his Lincoln Logs,
books, and Connectagons. He is excited about everything really:)
He and Brian built some really cool things with the Lincoln Logs
and I helped him make some neat designs with the connectagons.

Cailey had lots of fun with Uncle Matt and helping
Nicky open his gifts.

I couldn't resist a picture in their
Christmas garb

This is the first year that my whole family has been
together for Christmas in 12 years! I'm glad that Matt, Leigh and
Nicky live close enough now to come join us for Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve and My New Toy!

This morning we went to my brother and sister in laws house (about 1 1/2 hours away) to celebrate Christmas Eve with them and my parents. My mom is Italian and cooks a great seafood/Italian Christmas Eve dinner every yummy! She makes shrimp, crab legs, pasta, and crab sauce. I can remember sitting at the table for HOURS as a kid trying to get every last bit of crab out and having orange hands when I was done (because of the spaghetti sauce).

While we were there I was able to practice using my new toy...a fabulous camera! I have always been in to taking pictures and remember my first camera-a LeClic...anyone remember those? Mine was pink and purple! Brian decided to give it to me the camera early so I could have it for Christmas pictures. I'm not a pro by any means, but I can't wait to learn how to use it better! I plan on taking a couple photography classes in the winter so hopefully I'll be able to learn how to use the MANY settings!

Another fun thing we did today was go to the Christmas Eve service at our church. We haven't been able to go in the past, but I am so thankful we went this year and it will definitely be added to our traditions! The kids did GREAT (even Kinsey!) and enjoyed the songs...and cinnamon rolls of course:).

This was taken at church...I CAN'T
believe everyone was looking at the camera:)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fellowship with Friends-laid back edition

This holiday season has been MUCH busier because of my busy that I haven't even bought a turkey and everything else I need for Christmas dinner yet. Somehow I've managed to be a laid back about it, which is very unlike me! Instead I've planned play dates, gone out to dinner with a friend, and even had people over for dinner (all of which were planned only a couple days in advance). Those of you who know me well can understand how much of a change this is for me! I NEVER wait until the last minute to do anything...especially when I have people over for dinner. I feel freed in a sense and did something new this time. I actually was okay with ordering pizza...well...okay may not be the right word but I wasn't stressed out at least and we got to spend time with some new friends. I was sure to let her know, of course, that I usually cook up a storm and they were the first people I've ever had over for the first time and ordered pizza for. It was great! No clean up...easy dinner...and all the kids loved it:). We had a great time getting to know Beth and Anthony better and the kids enjoyed themselves upstairs (most of the time anyways!)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at Granny's

Today we celebrated Christmas with Brian's family at Granny's house. The kids are always so excited to see and spend time with their 10 year old cousin, Courtney. She is a 'mother hen' and is so great with them! They also love spending time with their Granny and Aunt Michelle! We had fun eating together, opening gifts, and hanging out.

Kinsey loved opening the presents
and was careful with each one.

The kids were MUCH better about being thankful this year
and not as concerned with how many gifts they received. Cailey
was surprisingly more interested in jumping on Courtney's
trampoline than opening gifts!