Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I never took pictures of Kinsey's 'bathroom chaos' but thought that since she did it again we should get proof. Can you guess what happened to her? Why her lip is cut? She was trying to stop the bleeding and hide it but couldn't. My little mess was shaving her face. Yep...that's my girl...I'm SO thankful she didn't cut herself worse than she did!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Littlest Cubbie

Kinsey has been waiting and wanting to be a Cubbie for a long time! She started a few weeks ago, and honestly I dropped her off with tears in my eyes. I'm not sure why, but for some reason it seemed so strange to not have a child at home! I can't believe that all three of them are old enough to go now.

Every week after Cubbies she is SO WIRED and bouncing off the walls! She can't wait to tell me everything she did, and her verses. Strangely enough, she constantly asks, "Mommy, I still a Cubbie?" "I still get learn verses?" "I get wear my vest?" "Want me do my verses?" It almost seems like she's afraid that she won't be able to be a Cubbie anymore, but I just reassure her every time that yes, she still gets to be a Cubbie:).

The first week she had to learn three verses and did it! I was concerned that she'd get confused with all of them, but so far, so good! I'm so proud of you Kinsey:)!!

Oh...and she just got her book and vest this week which was a HUGE highlight for her. She's been asking for them and wanting to wear Cailey and Braden's old ones around the house. My baby girl is getting so big!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Cailey's front tooth fell out in the car last week. When she lost her bottom teeth it didn't really change the way she she looks so different to me! I keep looking at her and saying that she looks so grown up! Now she wants to lose her other one before Christmas so she can sing, "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth:)"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Public Safety Day

inside the helicopter

notice kinsey's distressed look after seeing the dalmatian

and McGruff

can't beat free hot dogs, drinks, sno cones, and popcorn!

LOVE that brian caught these pics:)

learning how to put out fires

Last Saturday while I was working at Storybook Safari for a birthday party, Brian took the kiddos to public safety day. They had SO much fun and Brian took lots of pics for me to see:).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Cailey started piano lessons a few weeks ago and is LOVING it. I told her that as long as she practiced she could continue the lessons. I can't say that she always wants to practice, but she gets it done and continues to want to learn. She has a REALLY good ear for music and her teacher is impressed at how quickly she picks things up. A HUGE blessing is that we found a great teacher who will come to our house. LOVE THAT!! I love not having to drive her somewhere for a 30 minute lesson. Oh..and we needed to get a piano instead of our keyboard, so here it is!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Handsome Boy

When cleaning out the closets last week we found this belt that fit Braden. Since then he's been wearing it (or asking to) DAILY. He spends so much time putting it on nice and neat...and it takes a good while. Who knew a belt would make my boy so happy! I'm gonna have to remember that at Christmas:).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Giggles from Afar

The other day while Kinsey was playing in her room I decided to peek in on her because I heard laughing. This is what I saw:

(she was smiling at her princesses)

kissing her princesses:)

What a nut! I wonder what she was thinking about. Now that we are upstairs for school she's doing MUCH better with staying in her room or playing quietly in the hs room.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Homeschool Room!!

preschool nook

where i work one on one with them (probably
won't keep this table but haven't decided what
to put there yet:)

where they do their independent work
(as they grow we'll get a taller table but for my
little's it works great!)

hard at work:)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new homeschool room! We have been talking about building one for a while, but due to permits haven't been able to. Last week we decided to turn the guest/play room into the guest/homeschool room. When we first made it the guest/play room we always said that it would eventually become the hs room but thought it would be a few years.

I've been meaning to post a picture of the guest room since we got the Murphy bed built (over a year ago) but never got around to it.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but we cleaned out ALL the closets last weekend and I was able to turn the hs room closet into a reading nook for the kiddos. It has all their books in it and a spud bag for them to sit on. They LOVE it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sleeping Angel

We let the kiddos stay up and read for thirty minutes after they go to bed. The other night I went in 10 minutes after Braden went to bed to read and found him like this. He was asleep with his Sparks book on top of his face! Even though he's five he still takes a nap on most days and CLEARLY needs it because he's up before 6:00 am. My morning boy crashed on his pillow!

Friday, September 18, 2009

fun times...

Cailey and Braden have gone through 'bathroom' phases that usually ended in some kind of mess. They've also all been caught 'red handed' several times with sneaking treats...but NOTHING like little Miss Kinsey lately!

Cailey: The main bathroom memories that stand out to me involving Cailey are the time she fed her friend, Rebecca, deoderant when they were two (Yes, Rebecca did eat it but she is a healthy six year old today:) and just messing around with the toothpaste. We were SHOCKED with the whole deoderant thing, but Cailey didn't really have the opportunity to get into a lot of things because I was ALWAYS with her. (Guess that's what happens with the firstborn.)

As for the goodies, Brian's favorite memory was when he worked for a company here in Raleigh and was paid hourly. It paid the bills, but was pretty hard on him. He'd go to work, come home for dinner and bedtime routine with Cailey, then head back to work until 12:00am or later. One night he came home (at midnight while I was sleeping) to find Cailey sitting on the floor in front of the TV amoire with EVERY VHS and DVD pulled out and sprinkles all over the floor. Apparently the only thing she could open in the pantry was the sprinkles. She was so proud of herself until she heard, "CAILEY ANNE BARBOUR". We still like to laugh about that!

Braden: He went through the bathroom phase too and usually just opened up things and poured/dumped them out. Don't get me wrong, it was frustrating, but not dangerous. The worst one with him involved toilet paper and lotion...enough said:).

Anyone who knows us well knows that our oldest two have had food issues over the years. Well, when Braden was two he opened the oven and took some baked shells out of the baking dish that was BAKING and ate them. HELLO!!! I had no idea until I went to get it out of the oven and was totally confused. I knew some were missing but couldn't figure it out until I asked Cailey about it. She said she didn't eat them and then I turned and looked at Braden who willingly admitted that he did it. He said he was hungry. OH MY WORD!! I'm SO thankful that he didn't get burned and thankful that he definitely won't ever be doing it again. He learned a hard but good lesson that day.

This brings me to the reason I'm doing this post. Kinsey, Kinsey, Kinsey. Lately she's been getting herself into trouble while we are doing school. Everything she's doing is totally normal and the other kids did similar things but ENOUGH ALREADY!!! My sweet little Kinsey isn't learning the first or second OR THIRD time around:).

Last week (when we were still doing school downstairs) she came down and asked for a snack. She said she wanted cereal. I said ok and then looked up and noticed she had brown stuff around her mouth. I asked her what she ate...her typical answer is, "I do nofin wrong". I told her to come over and immediately smelled peanut butter on her breath. OH NO! It suddenly hit me that I had bought Reece cups for Halloween and put the bag in my room. (They were in a bag with toothpaste and shampoo and I just totally forgot to put the stuff away). I told Cailey to run up and see how many she ate. I expected Cailey to say one (and that the other one in the pack was still there). Cailey said, "Ummm...Mommy.....I think you should come here." Great. NOT what you want to hear. So I ran upstairs and found ALL TEN Reece cups gone. Five packs. 10!!! The brown papers were all over my bed, our cedar chest and the floor...along with smushed peanut butter bits in the carpet. Oh...and HALF the tube of toothpaste was missing! I never did find where it went and she said she didn't eat it. She only came down because she wanted a SNACK!!! I couldn't BELIEVE she was asking for a snack after all that! Let's just say that she didn't get a snack. And no...she never got sick.

Fast forward to THE NEXT DAY. Now she DID get in big trouble for the day before but CLEARLY didn't learn her lesson about staying out of our room because when it was time for her to come down I looked up and saw mascara all over her face. I must have not been thinking straight because I didn't take a picture:) but once again I said, "Kinsey, what did you touch?". Her response, "I did nofin wrong. Not me. Nofin". Kinsey, Kinsey, Kinsey. I took her to the mirror and showed it to her. "Oh....dat... I sowwy I not do it gin" (I'm sorry, I won't do it again). I REALLY don't want to have to lock our door. I want her to just learn NOT to go in there and to obey us.

The next day we did school upstairs in our new homeschool room. Kinsey's room is RIGHT BESIDE the homeschool room. I left our door open and closed hers while she was playing. I really thought I'd hear the door if it opened. WRONG. Cailey went out to get something and said, "Mommy, Kinsey just came out of your room." UGH!! I called her in and once again asked her what she touched. I was pretty frustrated at this point. Oh...and I had an eye infection from my contacts the day before (something I never had before) and was wearing my glasses. Kinsey looks at me with her cute little face and says (in a mouse-like voice) "I toush your contat." What?? WHAT??? You touched my contact?? I was SO proud that she told the truth and ran to see. Sure enough my contacts were opened and had been messed with. I'm guessing (from the eye infection) that she had been messing with them before I put them in.

I know this too shall pass...and all too fast. I'm not wishing this time away. I've already seen how quickly seven years pass by. I just want to keep these funny stories written down so when they look back they can laugh. Cailey already laughs at the 'sprinkle' story and asks us to tell her it over and over. I've learned that kids are resilient....and they want to be just like us. Kinsey always wants to exercise with me, put make up on (which I really don't do a lot), and be with me. Braden always wants to help me..with EVERYTHING. He has such a servant's heart. Cailey wants to grow up TOO fast. She wants to be older, wear deoderant, and shave her legs. I keep telling her that she should enjoy this time because later on these 'grown up' things will be a pain. I love these kids and am so blessed to be able to watch them grow up.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


My sweet boy has been LOVING little Legos lately and making all sorts of things. He always asks me to take pictures of them so I can put them on the blog:). He's such a great engineer!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fire and Butter

melting chocolate with the sun

it worked!

the pine needle burned in half immediately

they also tried it on dead leaves and bugs

whole green leaf

it was so neat to see the smoke rising from it

leaf with holes burned into it

This semester we're study Astronomy in Science. After learning and writing about The Sun, the kids (and daddy) put what they learned to the test. They had fun with a magnifying glass, chocolate, dead leaves, bugs, green leaves, and pine needles. I love to see the kids REALLY 'get it'. They love doing projects and I know they remember things much better when they are put into action.

each week they write down facts they've learned
and illustrate the sun/planet


Venus has a ton of volcanoes on it so the kids did
an experiment to see how something can go from a
solid to a liquid, and then back to a solid again.
(To understand how the rocks can melt down and
become lava)

melted butter

becoming solid once more