Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Photo Shoot

 We found a photographer who took several of our friends pictures this fall and set up a shoot with her. The weather is always crazy unpredictable in November..could be super hot one day and freezing the next. I knew I wanted to wear long sleeves and based it all off of Cailey's shirt.

 Turns out our shoot was scheduled on a 30 degree day!! We.were.freezing!!! I told the kids if they smiled then they could eat Halloween and they did a great job considering how cold it was. Ephram had on the thickest layers but for some reason it was hardest on him so catching him with a smile was hard to do.

 Thankfully she was great and made it go quickly. But did I mention it was COLD??

 I love the surrounding of stones and old buildings. I love the fall colors.

 these are a few of my favorite pics

We got some great pictures and I'm super thankful for that...but it.was.cold.