Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Festival

 This year the kids wanted to have a Star Wars theme for Halloween so I set out asking friends for old costumes as I am beyond cheap when it comes to wearing something one time a year. The great thing about having smaller children is that they can wear peers costumes from years past even if they are the same age.

Kinsey wanted to be a storm trooper from the start.  Not sure why, but she was set on it.  Thankfully the Klick's had a costume we could borrow!  Braden didn't really care who he was (as long as it was something Star Wars) and since the Papa's had a Darth Vader costume that fit him he wore that...and was actually excited about it:).  Ephram wanted to be Darth Vader in.a.bad.way. BUT we already had a Darth Vader AND had this Yoda costume on sale for $6 back in August so I bought it. Now that I think about it...I think the Yoda costume kind of started everything.  He wasn't thrilled about it at first but after wearing it for a few times AND getting to carry a stick he was beyond excited. Cailey wanted to be Princess Leia from the beginning so I asked mom if she could make the costume and it turned out great!  She actually used the same material from my wedding dress to make it!

I LOVE that they chose the costume theme (and even wanted one) AND that they were all so happy about it! Oh..and of course that it only cost me $6:).

 we went to the Bayleaf Fall Festival with the Morgan's.

 They have the BEST free food there! Hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, baked goods, basically a kids dream come true!
 Cailey came back with this and said, "Mommy, I just HAD to get's tradition, ya know". SO funny! Her and Brian love them and DO get them every year while mommy sticks to cotton candy and the others prefer the homemade baked goods.

 They went to all the different rooms to play games and get candy then had a blast on the jump house slide and bounce house. There was even a room perfect for Ephram that had it's own bounce house obstacle course.

We had such a great time!

October 2012

October 1- braden's gotcha day!, choc chip waffles, piano lessons, duke, took kids to get chocolate molten lava cake, played tons of games with braden, free cookie at the mall day, and met klick's at golden corral for dinner.

October 2- preschool for e, science class, school with kinsey, school with other three:), LONG day for some, MUGGY day, and lots of o crafts with ephram.

October 3- school, library, met klick's at cfa, cailey to jump rope class, braeden came to awana with us, date night with brian.

October 4- school, preschool for ephram, lots of fun crafts together, prep help from cailey (for co op), Finding Nemo (which cailey LOVED), and went to the CUTEST family reading night at Ephram's preschool...just precious!

October 5- watched alex, co op, nice afternoon full of laughter and the tunnel...and stairs:), caught up with cheryl, boys went camping with brian, soccer practice for the girls (caught up with pam and kelly), and picked up some treats with the girls.

October 6- treated the girls to a donut breakfast, kinsey's soccer game, quick run to see the boys at camp, cailey's game (another GOAL!...almost 2!), went skating with the morgan's..then dinner, and shopping, and finally a movie (where kinsey fell asleep). Daddy and the boys came home at 7:45 and decided not to stay overnight again so cailey and emily ruth tried to sleep in the tent but came in at midnight.

October 7-braden woke up at 5am SUPER sick and in pain...and stayed that way until 2pm. VERY sad:(, girls went to church with the morgan's, cold (finally!) rainy day, mission kids and choir.

October 8- school, braden was still sick:(, made crockpot chicken and dumplings for the cold rainy day, did a TON of Ff activities with ephram, played games, brian had to work late, snuggled my big boy, and took a short nap.

October 9- preschool, car school with kinsey:), science class, kelly a posted a hilarious song on fb about not burning biscuits which got us all cleaning and baking:), made baked ziti and pumpkin bread/muffins, lots of singing and dancing:), tummy aches for braden:(, rain rainy day.

October 10- school, library time, tummy ache for braden, eye apt at duke, GORGEOUS sunny day, picked gracie and emily ruth up from school and brought the girls to jump rope class, awana for ice cream night, and my tummy ache braden boy:(.

October 11- school, no OD preschool for ephram but LOTS of preschool fun at home with Ff, another sunny GORGEOUS day, took the girls out selling wreaths while brian took braden (i went with braden a couple nights ago and he sold 100$!!) until after dark, and cleaned the house together.

October 12- watched Alex, co op, picnicked for lunch, watched ephram pee co op!, AHG, went to Three Bears Acres with the family for a super fun afternoon of sledding/paddle boating/swinging/archery/jumping/and more, brian took the two oldest to see Carolina practice for the first time this season, pizza night with the two youngest for me and LOTS o' snuggles and prayer time:).

October 13- soccer game for kinsey...first GOAL!, picnic at the park, cailey's game, took abby and lilly to the pumpkin patch while ephram napped at the keel's, came back for cailey's second game, had a great family day, and made fish/french fries (sweet potato) and fruit for dinner:).

October 14- summit church, lots of outside time, washed the car, took braden to sell popcorn, choir/mission kids, ephram went on a date with daddy to Moe's, had ephram/mommy time:).

October 15- school, no dr's apt (YAY!), piano lessons, lots of fun Pp crafts with ephram, fun time playing outside in the sunshine together, went on a Pp hunt!, played games with braden, LOTS of talk time with Cailey, cailey watched Jack for the first time (2 hr), and had a Pp dinner.

woke up to find the following Christmas list from Cailey-

1. Movies Chrissa and Anne of Green Gables

2. Charlotte Klick (put in a box with holes marked Fragile)

3. Trip to the Mountains with Mommy, Aunt Laura, and Rebecca

4. Gift card to Target

5. Sleepover date with Mommy

6. scooter to replace the one the garbage man ran over


October 16- school, science class, more school, TONS of playing outside all afternoon, cailey watched jack (2.5 hrs), played games with kinsey, went house looking with the fam, and had pork/potatoes/pineapples/pudding for dinner:)

October 17- school, library time with ephram and kinsey, cailey and braden's piano recital at the retirement home, cailey watched jack (1.5 hrs), fun Pp activities with ephram aka peter pan, read with kinsey, played lots of pente with braden, pasta for dinner, brought cailey and the morgan girls to jump rope class, crazy hair night for awana, date with brian, and braden started complaining his eye was itching all day.

October 18- NO dr's visits:), school, preschool for ephram, started clearing out the house, went to CFA fall festival with the fam and the klick's, brian killed two snakes in the driveway!, and packed for the mountains.

October 19- co op for the kiddos, cailey watched Jack and got paid for the first time:), kinsey went to Lydia's birthday playdate, Summit for dinner and fall retreat for Cailey, brian worked from home.

me- went with Karen and met Adele and was surprised by Laura at Bojangles, drove to Statesville for the hot air balloon festival, went to the mountains after stopping for dinner, and had some GREAT catch up talk time.

October 20- kinsey's last soccer game, got BLUE cailey from her retreat, church, and chinese food for dinner.

me-went out for breakfast, bought apples at the farmers market, drove on the blue ridge prkwy and looked at GORGEOUS leaves, hiked up craggy hills, enjoyed beautiful views, target, mall for a snack, dinner at cheddar's, LOTS of laughter, and saw Pitch Perfect with the girls:)

October 21- said farewell to the mountains, ate panera with the girls, got tackled by my lovies, cleaned the kids rooms out, painted the railing, read lots to ephram, kiddos played outside, choir, boy scouts, mission kids, sleepover with cailey and crashed.

October 22- school, cailey went to jack's, cleaned out more things, kids played outside in the HOT sun, cailey went to gracie's.

October 23- school, ephram's preschool, quick grocery stop, more cleaning (windows/doors/walls/cabinet outsides/homeschool room), talked with realtors, played lots of games with kinsey, got lots of snuggles from my handsome prince:), SCARED ephram when kinsey and i were hiding in the covers lol!, and got a call from kelly!:)

October 24- braden's eye apt, field trip to UNC TV (GREAT one!), cailey worked, jump rope class for cailey and the morgan girls, awana, cleaned ALL DAY in between everything else, brian and i looked at the coachman's trail house and loved it!.

October 25- school, met with 4 realtors throughout the day (9, 1, 4:00, 5:30), went to ephram's fall festival at preschool, started feeling yucky, played lots of games with braden, and went to bed early.

October 26- not feeling great, watched alex, co op, AHG, pam brought the girls home and stayed to visit, cheryl came and visited all afternoon (we got cailey's paycheck lol!), made all of kinsey's party food (pretzels, cake, rice krispie treats), morgan girls came over and played all afternoon and evening, and signed a contract to sell and buy a house.

October 27- still sick, woke up early and did the neighborhood yard sale, TONS of prep for kinsey's party, brian went to the duke/carolina game, more prep, gracie and emily ruth played over all day, lots of playing outside in the cloudy but not rainy day, and kinsey's birthday party!

October 28- church, kids played outside in the cool cloudy (hurricane sandy no rain) weather with gracie and emily ruth, more de cluttering for pics tomorrow, went to the fall festival at bayleaf with leslie and the kids, and had a blast watching the kids have such a fun time!

October 29- happy 7th birthday to my Kinsey girl!, piano lessons, cfa for kinsey, school, played lots of games with kinsey, Ww crafts with ephram, sang lots to my girl, sibling presents, went to elmcroft (nursing home) for trick or treating, presents with mommy and daddy, and birthday tickles!

October 30- early school, waffles for breakfast!, person here to measure the house, preschool for ephram, science class,  more school, COLD day, outside play, cailey went to watch jack, played outside with kinsey and ephram with the Wwagon, saw that our house went 'live',  took kinsey out on a date while leslie watched the other kiddos, and carved pumpkins together!

October 31- watched emily ruth for the day:), girls played LOTS of tupperware ball, library for halloween story time and trick/treating, cfa for free lunch w/ costumes, outside play, movie, bingo, more games, school with kinsey, and trick or treating with the morgan's.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kinsey's 7th birthday party

 Kinsey wanted a pumpkin theme for her birthday party this year!

 We made a pumpkin cake, pumpkin rice krispie treats, pumpkin chocolate covered pretzels, and used black markers to turn clementines into jack o' lanterns. We also made a giant veggie tray that looked like a pumpkin and decorated glass jars with orange food to add to the fun.

 Originally we planned on having part of the party outside in the backyard but since rain was coming I got to work on turning the garage into a suitable party location. Braden helped me a TON since Brian was at the State/UNC game and the girls were off playing.

 Kinsey's friends who were able to come! Lilly, Emily Ruth, Lydia, Emma, and Caroline.

 After estimating how many candy pumpkins were in a jar the girls painted pumpkins.

 Then they came in for a snack and decorated goodie bags for a couple of games later on. (I also cooked dinner during this time).

 They had jack o lantern cheese quesadillas for dinner along with all the other snack foods/veggies/and fruit.

 pumpkin heads!

After dinner Brian demonstrated how to play the pot game:). The kids had a GREAT time watching him! Then it was Kinsey's turn. Funny enough, Ephram ended up sitting on her back when it was her turn after watching her do the same to Brian!

 the kiddos sat with Kinsey while she opened Nonny and Poppy's gift.

pin the stem on the pumpkin! kinsey helped me paint it...she also choose all the games she wanted to play at the party.

 Next up was a game I thought of and was excited about probably more that the kids. I wasn't thinking it was happening in the garage at the time but honestly it was probably a better place than the backyard because the hay could be easily swept up. We hid over three hundred pennies in the hay bale and the kids got to keep whatever they could find. They had a BLAST looking for pennies! The garage looked like a barn when it was over but they had such a fun time!

We had the party from 5-8 so it would be long enough to play all the planned games but decided not to have a full sleepover this year. The girls watched part of a movie while they were waiting to be picked up and Caroline stayed to sleepover.  Kinsey had a great birthday party and said her favorite part was getting to be with her friends:). 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kinsey's 7th birthday

 Happiest of birthdays to my sweet Kinsey girl today! I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that my BABY girl is 7 years old! I'm pretty sure she'll always be my baby girl since she was the 'youngest' for quite some time.  She decided to eat her special birthday breakfast outside!

 The kids could NOT wait to give Kinsey presents so after they were all home from piano they brought her their homemade gifts. Cailey made a clay bowl then painted it for her.  Kinsey was also given gum, silly bands, and cards:). Ephram was SO cute last night because he came in my room with a book and a plastic baseball (that were his) and asked for tissue paper to wrap them up for 'tins'. Melt my heart!  He was so excited to see her open his gifts and she was a gracious receiver:). LOVE it!

After school (9am:) Kinsey and I played game after game of Pente together. Then
we played her favorite: Old Maid.

 Kinsey's lunch request was a pepperoni sandwich, clementines, cucumbers, and her birthday cake. All of her favorites plus cake in one meal!  Then for the last few weeks she's been telling us she wanted Arby's for dinner! It cracked me up but she really wanted to try curly fries so we got her a quick dinner before going out for fun.

tonight we went to the nursing home for trick or treating and everyone sang to Kinsey when it
was over. she isn't an 'attention seeking' kind of girl but had the biggest smile on her face (in a shy sort of way:). it's so neat for me to see how different her personality is from her siblings.

We came home to open gifts from Mommy and Daddy...something she had been begging to do all day long. Kinsey asked for three things this year. She wanted a watch, a pack of gum, and candy. Brian and I bought her the watch in California because she's been asking for it for so long and I couldn't wait to see the look on her face! She was waiting for it at her party and didn't get it (b/c I told everyone not to get it:). Then today I saved it for the last gift and she said, "I hope THIS one will be a watch!" and it was. She was thrilled!  We also got her a UNC cheerleading outfit for her bunny (which matches the UNC basketball outfit we got Braden's monkey when he was having so many eye problems).

Kinsey had a super fun birthday! I asked her what the best part about it was and she said, "'re silly! The watch!"  

I always call her Kinsey Joy because she just exudes joy and is happy in so many circumstances. Now...she can also be a spit fire and very unpredictable (when not getting her way only) but oh does she care for others! She is very sharing and empathetic. She loves her matter what....Kinsey is beyond forgiving.

 She is still as curious as always which gets her into messes even now:). Kinsey is super shy in group settings (away from home) and just sits back to take it all in....but loves all of her activities (with AHG and soccer being at the top). She wants to be a runner like her siblings and loves ALL things competitive.

She loves her mommy and daddy and is a GREAT snuggler. Oh how we love our Kinsey girl! Happy birthday Kinsey Joy! We are so blessed to have you in our family sweet girl! I love you!


Game- Old Maid
Sport- Soccer
Food- Pepperoni and Clementines
Drink- Lemonade
Song- The books of the bible song
Movie- Tangled
Thing to do outside- ride my bike
Color- pink
Dessert- candy
Toy- banky
Thing to do- play games with mommy
Book- My Kinsey princess book
Season- summer
Place to go- the pool
Subject in School- Science
What do you want to be when you grow up?- a missionary and a nurse

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

Sweet Kinsey wanted to go on a pottery date with me and we painted a pumpkin together that holds a tea light. I loved spending this fun one on one time with my girl!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pp is for Pumpkin!

 Pp is for pumpkin! And pencil, and peas, and peanut, and puzzles,
(His FAVORITE book this week other than the pumpkin one was Peanut butter Rhino)

 and play dough, and pink, purple,

he asked to paint a pumpkin patch on P

We had Pp food ALL week! Pork, potatoes, pineapples, pepperoni/pineapple pizza,
peas, peaches, peanuts, popcorn, peanut butter, plums, pears,  pudding
Parmesan penne pasta with prawns/peppers/ pomegranate
potpie with pinto beans,  and pumpkin pancakes
 Snacks: pretzels, pickles, peanuts, Popsicles, popcorn, pistachios, and pecans

 He wanted to do polka dots and pom poms on Pp

 We made these at co op...super fun Pig for his Alphabet page

 Peter Pan went on a people hunt with his pail!

 Then he had a popsicle. Another day (dressed as Peter Pan) he did pegs
and  Potato heads

 he made pudding...then painted with it and made P's in it.

 The older kids thought it looked awfully fun and joined in too:)

 he played with these pegs and went on a pentagon hunt

then kinsey read him a pirate book and they played pirates then puppets with pandas and pigs. we also went to the pumpkin patch this week so it was perfect!