Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Kinsey...SUCH a sweet girl....what can I say? She copies EVERYTHING Braden and Cailey do...and I mean EVERYTHING! I was chasing her around outside a few months ago and the next thing I know she turns around and says, "Naa Naa Boo Boo." Great. So she isn't really speaking in sentences but can say, "naa naa boo boo" and make the face to go with it! The only reason a TWO year old would know how to do that is if they saw it... A LOT. CLEARLY she sees her siblings do it a lot. Although it is cute now, and made me laugh, it was a great teaching moment for the others. What power they have to teach her things. Now I am trying to get them to teach her positive things (like kindness, colors, numbers, letters, etc.) but for some reason I'm still getting this:

Monday, September 29, 2008

some fav's

Cailey has been SO excited about her 'new' fall clothes (that I bought at a consignment sale in July). Last week was a tiny bit cooler so she just HAD to pull out the new wardrobe. She wanted me to take her picture (shocking, I know!) and of course I wasn't going to say no so we headed out to the backyard for some shots. Kinsey was napping most of the time but I was able to catch a couple of her. Braden has turned into my HAM and constantly says, "mommy, take my picture" or "mommy, you should have brought the camera to take my picture!" A boy after my own heart:).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

the lake

Nonny and Poppy have an AWESOME lake in a nearby neighborhood that I always walk around in the mornings when I'm there. The kids go with me sometimes but just my mom and I went on this trip. On the last day while Nonny and Poppy were at work we went down there as a family and I was able to snap some pictures of this beautiful scenery! I plan on bringing my camera back there when we go in November for Thanksgiving and the leaves are more colorful but I think I was able to capture some great pictures of the kiddos:).

Saturday, September 27, 2008

curly Q

this pic was taken WAY too early
in the morning!

My mom (Nonny) is a hair dresser so when I was little I used to get my hair set in curlers a lot! I LOVED having curly hair and when I was old enough I got a perm EVERY YEAR. Cailey likes having curly hair too but it takes forever with the curling iron so I don't do it very often. Nonny tried one time a couple years ago to set it in rollers but as soon as she was done Cailey wanted them OUT. She asked Nonny to do it while we were visiting and I told her SEVERAL times that they would hurt to sleep in and she had to wear them if Nonny was going to set it for her. She insisted, so mom did it. Well...she slept in them and got her curly hair! She was SO excited about it...TOO excited because she was up before 6:00 am wanting to get them out and see her "beautiful curls." Kinsey, who LOVES to do anything her siblings do, wanted to get one in her hair too. So while Nonny was setting Cailey's hair I put one in Kinsey's hair. One by one I was adding them until I ended up doing the whole thing. I can NOT believe it but she actually slept in hers too:)! I wasn't sure what her hair would do or if it would even curl since it's so fine, but it turned out very cute. Basically it was BIG and full of body..not too curly. She was very excited too but for some reason didn't want a picture taken outside in the morning:).

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wings, Shields, and Flowers

While we were at Nonny and Poppy's, Brian and I got to go on a date!! After we ate dinner we went to the only store around and open on a Sunday night- The Dollar Store. We ended up getting the kiddos a few things from there and boy were they EXCITED!! Braden got a shield and the girls got fairy wings. The pictures of Cailey were taken on the front porch near Nonny and Poppy's flowers:).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Apple Picking 2008

Every year since Cailey was born we've taken her apple picking in the fall near my parent's house. It was neat adding Braden and Kinsey to the mix when they came too:). Actually, the weekend we got Braden we went apple picking (because he flew into DC).
The kids did a great job...especially TASTING each kind of apple! It seemed like everytime I turned around one of them was eating an apple:). Cailey loves golden delicious apples and picked a couple but for the most part we stick with Empire, Gala, Jonathan, and Red Delicious. Oh...and we picked FIFTY pounds of them!