Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Today I asked Jesus in my heart. It means that Jesus is living in me. I am excited! I know that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and He rose from the dead and went back to Heaven. Jesus loved us so much that he wanted to die for us. He didn't have to, he just chose to. One day He's going to come back down and take us up to live with Him. Everyone who believes in Jesus will be with us in Heaven. I want everyone to believe that He died for them too. I like the verse John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son. Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life"

We are SO proud of you, Braden!!

We celebrated tonight by having dinner with friends before AWANA:)!! Braden was beaming and couldn't wait to tell them the great news!

It's been so neat to watch my normally introverted boy excited to tell everyone about his HUGE and life changing decision. He called friends, told all his AWANA teachers and even asked to go up on the stage and share it with all of the AWANA friends at green meadow time. This is such a blessing! Tonight one of my friends said, "imagine if he was still in Korea he may have never learned about Christ"....GOD IS GOOD!

Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me" Mark 10:14

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Lately Kinsey's favorite thing to say (which she's learned from siblings) is boorwin (boring).

Coming inside to take a nap when playing outside is boorwin.

Cleaning my room is boorwin.

Obeying mommy is boorwin.

Everything is boorwin unless it's what I want to do.

On a funny note, the other night when the kids were in bed Kinsey came out to tell me something "sewious". She said (with a straight face), "Mommy, I like wedgies. Will you give me a wedgie?" Crazy girl! (But being the good mommy that I am, of course I obliged:).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Community Easter Egg Hunt

there were a TON of kids there and 2000 eggs 'hidden'

they split the kids into diff age groups so
Kinsey got to find them with the second group

ephram watched this year:)

they 'hid' 40 golden eggs....look who found one! i'm glad brian
took this pic because someone ended up stealing the golden
egg from Braden but at least we had proof! brian told someone in
charge and they still let braden pick out prizes:)

YAY eggs!

he picked out a giant egg full of snickers
and a hot wheels car.

basket full o' goodness

kinsey did well with the bunny b/c you could see her face

This year I tried to get the kiddos in the White House egg roll since we'll be at Nonny and Poppy's in MD. It's a lottery system and we didn't get picked...oh well:). After looking into that I started wondering if they had Easter Egg Hunts in our area and boy there are a TON! You could go to one every weekend for a month (and even go to some on the same day if you are so inclined!) We planned on going one last weekend and the kids had a great time. I liked it a lot because it wasn't OVERLY crowded and crazy. There were a ton of kids there but it wasn't scary and we found the kids quickly when it was over. We planned on going to one this weekend too but it was FREEZING (spring is so funny in NC) and we had a schedule conflict.

Friday was the Easter Egg hunt at co op and this week we'll be going to one at a friends house. Then next Saturday we'll hide eggs for the kids at Nonny and Poppy's house.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

busy weekend!

Outside fun:

rebecca wanted to match kinsey so cailey let her
borrow the dress:)

Legacy Co-op Finale

cailey's fans!

cailey took choir this spring at legacy and performed
the night of the finale:)! great job!

happy boy just hanging out!

dinner...kind of:)

these girls are SO sweet and polite! Cailey
adores them and so do i...gotta plan a playdate soon!

braden LOVES science explorers!

braden's literacy in motion teachers...
another love!

beth and tina were cailey's choir teachers!

her first hour preschool teacher

kinsey's texture book

kinsey's very hungry caterpillar!

reece and braden

jackson and kinsey...their first hour preschool
teacher said that they were inseparable and
jackson treats her like a little sister by being VERY
protective over her:) so sweet!

cailey and lindsey

daddy got to see all of their hard work!

braden and harrison

lindsey, cailey, and rebecca

the girls at the legacy finale:)

Soccer game:

cailey was excited to have rebecca at her practice
friday night and then her game on saturday!

rollin' that tongue again...he is SO calm
and patient during the game.

cailey's soccer team played
mary claire's on saturday:)

we LOVED having rebecca here!

Rebecca stayed with us for two nights and pretty much joined our family! Friday morning she went to co op and joined Cailey for choir and bible characters. That afternoon the girls spent hours playing outside and I took the opportunity to teach Rebecca how to ride a bike! In the early evening they went to soccer practice and then we all went to our co op finale.

Saturday morning we went to Cailey's soccer game then the girls played outside again before Rebecca was picked up.