Saturday, August 31, 2013


On the recommendation of our yearly tester (for the kids' end of grade) we finally decided to move Braden along in math.  This year he started Algebra (yup...he's in 4th grade) and oh the fun:)!  He loves it...and it's slowly coming back to Brian and I.  We are NOT interested in rushing him at all and will go as slow as he needs.

Another blessing of homeschooling is being able to move at the pace of each child. When we need to slow down we do...and for the first time we are speeding ahead with this!

Friday, August 30, 2013

archaeological dig

 Cailey has taken over some History for Kinsey this year and set up a dig for her and Ephram.  She had a blast setting it up and they were so excited to discover ancient treasures:).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of School 2013-2014

 We started school today!  The kids had their traditional breakfast of pistachio pudding.

 My 2nd grader!

 My 4th grader

 My 6th grader

 and another year of preschool for this guy (taught by mommy this time)

 We LOVE the new homeschool room!

 Ephram spent his day having fun with numbers, letters, manipulatives, songs, and crafts.

doing math with this girl:) perimeter and area


Right Start Math 
Spelling Power
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Abeka Phonics readers
Map Skills
First Language Lessons (Year 2)
Story of the World Book 1
Science class at NLC

VideoText Interactive Algebra
(plus the same as Cailey)

7th Rod and Staff Math
6th Rod and Staff English
Spelling Power
America the Beautiful History (Notgrass)..LOVE!
6th Wordly Wise Vocabulary
Science experiments at NLC
Daily Comprehension
Daily Word Problems
Daily Geography

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cailey's Birthday Date

Cailey has been wanting to watch Les Miserable for a LONG time and we decided it was finally time to let her. SO...for her birthday date she requested Chex Mix, Root Beer, Sour Patch Watermelons, and BBQ chips along with the!  LOTS of movie food.

She loved the movie and can't wait until she can go see the musical some day. It's so neat watching her grow up and develop her interests. So neat to see how her wants and desires change. She just wanted to hang out with her mom and dad and watch a movie:).  I love it!! Happy 11th birthday, Cailey!

Beach day 7...last FULL day

 Today was another GORGEOUS day...I don't think we've ever had completely sunny beach days before! So crazy considering the forecast showed a high percentage of rain every day.  I count it as a great blessing.

 ephram loved boogie boarding, playing in tide pools, and building castles

 there was lots of fun sibling time..and they made friends as well.  cailey's favorite person to talk to was an older couple. braden met a friend (who everyone played with..but him the most) who was an 8 year old girl.  Kinsey played with a 5 year old girl (who was SUPER tall) named McKenzie.

 taking it all in after going on a morning walk

 daddy built another castle

 kinsey became a mermaid

 daddy got proof that i was really there enjoying the water and the kiddos

Cailey came in for a while because her lips got very burnt. She read books on the balcony for a couple hours before heading back down to the pool after 4:00.  I let her borrow my hat too:).

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

White Beach Pics 2013

Again...beautiful days were the theme of our week and when I took white pics it was no different. As the kids get older these go a lot faster...this year especially!

mommy...can i PLEASE make a silly face? i just NEED to!  sure, buddy....

Monday, August 26, 2013

Britt Visit!

 We had a visit from Adele and her kiddos while we were down at the beach too!  This was totally unplanned and quite a surprise. I was THRILLED to see her and awesome sister friend where time and distance don't matter at all. Our kids haven't seen each other in years and didn't remember (which is SAD because we only live two hours away) one another but they became fast buds.

Kinsey thought Adele was so cool and kept calling her "middle name...hey, middle name":). Kinsey and Emily went boogie boarding together. Ephram tried to hang with them too:).

 love this girl!  

 Brian and Adele go way back too...she met him on her first day in college. 

 they made a boogie board boat and connected to each other then played in the tide pool

 so neat to hang out with college friends and see our kids together...CRAZY to look back and remember our fun college days/trips/time together and think it was so long ago.  thankful for the friendships even today and the blessing of seeing them even for a few hours.

 Adele and the girlies

We had a GREAT time playing in the pool with the kids that I know they won't soon forget:). Lots of laughter and fun. They ate dinner with us poolside before having to leave. OH..and the best part is that they came on Emily's birthday so we were able to celebrate her turning 6!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simpson Visit!

 Eve and Joe were down in NC visiting family and planned on making their way to spend the day with us while they were at Joe's parents' house in Ocean Isle. We were super excited to hang out with them and meet baby Michael!  I may have taken him out of her hands as soon as she got there...gotta love on a sweet 5 month old when I get a chance!

 I LOVE this girl and the fact that time and distance don't do a thing to our friendship..we just pick up right where we left off.

 Ephram and Cameron playing together in the sand..precious

The kids played in the ocean and tide pools together, went boogie boarding, played in the sand, just had a blast!

 We love Michael and Cameron! Realized that I somehow didn't
get any pictures of Joe and Brian!

Oh what a fun time we had hanging out for a few hours with yall!