Monday, August 19, 2013

Beach day 3

 Today there was an 80% chance of rain ALL day and this is what we woke to!  It was another glorious beach day! Kinsey and Ephram were all about boogie boarding today and got much braver with the ocean.

 building an early morning drippy castle.  we usually come down to the beach around 8 or sometimes as late as 9 and stay out until 2. We go up to the pool from 2-4 then come in and shower..unless we are hanging out all day, of course.

 I caught a crab!

 cloud were in and out but it stayed nice until later in the afternoon

 When the kiddos were done swimming they showered, put jammies on, and played go fish!  That was def their favorite game this year...probably because they haven't played it in years:).

 We went to an early dinner at Benjamin's

 Then spent the evening walking around Broadway.

 They have been earning money for the last few days and could either spend it on something here or save it in the bank.  They all ended up spending it on CANDY from It's Sugar. They bought giant gummy rattlesnakes along with other treats.

 sharing candy...and kinsey photo bombing!
 mommy! take a picture of me on the surfboard!

After broadway we came home to walk on the beach together. We had another super fun day!

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