Tuesday, August 20, 2013

beach day 4

 she was writing I love Jesus in the sand...then drew more hearts all over the beach.

 our daily setup

 great calm day again...perfect for boogie boarding and surfing

 and burying daddies, of course!
 Ephram wanted to be buried too...but only up to his legs
 everyday there have been tide pools during low tide. They ate their left over candy as a snack while sitting in one.  Cailey caught two minnows and a hermit crab in one of the pools.

 drippy castles

 Brian and I took the youngest two way out...but found a sand bar:)

 this girl...love her joy

 subway by seaside

 The weather was perfect so we decided to go play some evening putt putt
 They chose another new place this year that involved a train ride up to the start.

 I noticed cailey had an earring tan..lol!  Never seen one of those before but she sure got one!

 The putt putt players while mommy took pics:).  Mommy doesn't like putt putt...ever. Bad memories of it from my childhood but I gladly go along most of the time
 there were a couple hole in ones

 we stopped by the grocery store and picked up ice cream bars (Braden's choice...he chose Rocky Road Nutty Buddies) and enjoyed them on the beach while walking.

 the moon was beautiful...the day was great....again:)


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