Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach day 7...last FULL day

 Today was another GORGEOUS day...I don't think we've ever had completely sunny beach days before! So crazy considering the forecast showed a high percentage of rain every day.  I count it as a great blessing.

 ephram loved boogie boarding, playing in tide pools, and building castles

 there was lots of fun sibling time..and they made friends as well.  cailey's favorite person to talk to was an older couple. braden met a friend (who everyone played with..but him the most) who was an 8 year old girl.  Kinsey played with a 5 year old girl (who was SUPER tall) named McKenzie.

 taking it all in after going on a morning walk

 daddy built another castle

 kinsey became a mermaid

 daddy got proof that i was really there enjoying the water and the kiddos

Cailey came in for a while because her lips got very burnt. She read books on the balcony for a couple hours before heading back down to the pool after 4:00.  I let her borrow my hat too:).

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