Monday, August 26, 2013

Britt Visit!

 We had a visit from Adele and her kiddos while we were down at the beach too!  This was totally unplanned and quite a surprise. I was THRILLED to see her and awesome sister friend where time and distance don't matter at all. Our kids haven't seen each other in years and didn't remember (which is SAD because we only live two hours away) one another but they became fast buds.

Kinsey thought Adele was so cool and kept calling her "middle name...hey, middle name":). Kinsey and Emily went boogie boarding together. Ephram tried to hang with them too:).

 love this girl!  

 Brian and Adele go way back too...she met him on her first day in college. 

 they made a boogie board boat and connected to each other then played in the tide pool

 so neat to hang out with college friends and see our kids together...CRAZY to look back and remember our fun college days/trips/time together and think it was so long ago.  thankful for the friendships even today and the blessing of seeing them even for a few hours.

 Adele and the girlies

We had a GREAT time playing in the pool with the kids that I know they won't soon forget:). Lots of laughter and fun. They ate dinner with us poolside before having to leave. OH..and the best part is that they came on Emily's birthday so we were able to celebrate her turning 6!

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