Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cailey's 11th birthday

 We started out with breakfast on the beach.  I baked a butterscotch snickerdoodle bread and brought it down for her birthday.

 It was a hit!

 They were in their jammies...Cailey wanted to go on a walk with just mama so we could talk about goals for the coming year. Such a sweet time together.

 daddy made a castle for his princess

 the slushie man came by and she picked a blue raspberry one...since it was her birthday. 

 Cailey got lots of facetime love from Auntie Anne, Nonny, and Aunt Laura (and kiddos). Love technology!

In the evening Cailey decided she wanted to go back to broadway to the candy store.  We were planning on letting her do the zipline this year (as she's wanted to the last few years) but when we went to pay they said she didn't weigh enough:(.  She finally made the height requirement but is 18 lbs away from the weight...which is 80 lbs.  Hopefully she'll have a major growth spurt this year and will be able to go next year..or the next??

So for dinner she chose! We walked around a bit and came back for some dancing, wrestling, a walk on the beach, and fun family time.

Happiest of Birthdays to my 11 year old!  I pray you have a great year growing in the Lord and meeting all of your goals. Time is passing way too quickly but I'm thankful to be able to spend so much time with you, love.

Game- Go Fish
Food- Jolly Ranchers
Meal-shrimp and linguini
Drink-root beer
Song- Break Through (Britt Nicole)
Movie- Where the Red Fern Grows
Thing to do outside-riding my scooter and jumping on the trampoline
Color- turquoise
Dessert- pistachio pudding
Toy- Stuffed Animals
Thing to do- play outside
Book- Saddle Club Series
Place to go- beach
Subject in School-Science
What do you want to be when you grow up?-nurse

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