Saturday, August 10, 2013

day trip

 After they came and measured for the granite counters we had a free (from renovations) day and got out of dodge to go hang out with the Corbett's. The weather was super nice so the kiddos spent most of their time exploring, jumping on the trampoline, fishing, going on the rings, and looking for bugs or other creatures. They paired off quickly going off with their 'buddies':).  Jay and Ephram made a 'campfire' in the front yard and did a great job working together while using the wheel barrow.

 I didn't get any other pictures of Bryce and Braden because they were off playing the whole time!  Kena laughed and laughed while she did airplane with Cailey. They got along awesomely!

 Playing in their awesome backyard while Laura and I caught up.  I did so much laughing, listening, and did my heart good!

At the last minute we decided to trade kiddos for the night with Stacy coming home with us and Braden staying with Bryce.  I'm thankful for this family and the time we get to spend together!

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