Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BIG boxes

 During the kitchen renovation there were some HUGE boxes from the cabinets going in. We told the kids they could have them to play with for five days (until the trash truck arrived) and they were thrilled!  First they set up a fort in Cailey's room with a box for each person. They colored and decorated them too.  There were holes along the side for breathing and 'windows' to peek out. Each box was connected to another so it formed a huge tunnel.  Their favorite thing to do was cover it with blankets and make it dark. They really wanted to sleep in it but I knew that wasn't going to end we kept it as a 'day' thing.

Next up they tried going down the stairs while sitting on cardboard pieces. That was fun until I gave them the brilliant (ha!) idea to undo a whole box and slide down on it.  Oh my goodness...they were laughing and laughing! They were flying down the stairs!  Daddy didn't think it was a good idea and was just sure someone would get hurt but thankfully other than a few bumps it all turned out ok.  We had stacks and stacks of pillows at the bottom for them to land on.

FUN times!

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