Monday, August 5, 2013

Rocket Day

Braden had his annual rocket day with scouts and chose this super fast 'light saber' one this year. The weather was PERFECT for July..not hot at all and breezy.

His rocket was so much faster this year that we never caught a picture of it taking off...even on sports mode!  It went super high and couldn't be seen for a while. Unfortunately the rocket motor was so great that it got stuck in a tree after the first time. But Alas! Brian saved it and got it down using another fallen tree limb. The third time he wasn't so lucky and we left the rocket in the top of a tree:(.  Braden loved shooting it off and was bummed we had to leave it behind. I think he's decided that next year he wants a slow one...that won't go off and get stuck in a tree:)

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