Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010

September 1- ran 3, did school, had a great phonics lesson with kinsey, loved studying bones with the kiddos in science, LOVED bible time, read more Robin Hood, watched e take more steps on the kitchen island, played outside with the kiddos, saw saturn at night, listened to lots of laughing and playing, and took lots of pictures of silly kiddos:).

September 2- school, took c & e to the doctor for checkups (e gained 14 oz 10%, c is 47 1/4 in and 48 lbs which is 50% for both), held cailey's hand as she got a plantar's wart frozen off, cleaned, baked brownies, had the klick's for dinner, watched our babies learn to walk together, found that a certain little boy ate the middle of the brownies i baked, chatted, 'carbed' up, and snuggled with my kiddos.

September 3- met Kelly at 5:30 to run 9 (awful...had stomach pains), was sick all day, did a little school, taught ephram the letter E and how to clean up toys, took lots of medicine, played with the kiddos, listened to them read, read to them, was given a precious surprise craft from Cailey, watched the girls do a sticker number line together, rested, and sent the oldest to soccer practice, got lots of hugs from braden, and prayed my stomach would heal.

September 4- slept late, went to the park and picnicked with the fam, chased laughing kids, pushed cailey and kinsey so high on the swing i couldn't reach them, listened to a giggling ephram and watched him slide, went on a nature walk with braden, played blocks with e and k, played soccer in the yard with the fam, and killed LOTS of mosquitoes on ephram's face.

September 5- ran 5 in super cool weather (but still had stomach probs), had a great day hanging out with the fam, watched soccer in the front yard, gave wagon rides, went on a date with braden to the bookstore (for finishing his flashmaster paper) and read/bought a new Magic Tree House book, watched ephram and kinsey play in the mall play place, listened to cailey and audrey play all afternoon and ate a yummy dinner cooked by brian.

September 6- ran 4, did school, met the klick's for a family pool play date (last day it's open!), felt COLD pool water for the first time, watched lots of splashing, sliding, laughing, boat making, pirate eye patch wearing fun, hung out with brian, had more stomach pains, watched e learn how to zerbert brian's tummy...and LaughedOL (SO cute), went out to dinner with the fam and checked kinsey's bed for monsters...late.

September 7- school, decided we'd go to MD this weekend so i'll do my long run on thurs instead, did two science projects with the fam, played outside with the kiddos, read books, listened to many stories, got lots of hugs, heard e say, "diaper (di di), belly button (short e be be)", and a certain male anatomy part, chased, laughed, and listened.

September 8- did school, cut out dairy to try and figure out my stomach prob's, had three kids who were VERY excited about AWANA, did puzzles with e, met the williams for a playdate and dinner, went to awana and served in TNT for the first time, and listened to sweet voices tell me all about their night.

September 9- ran 9 with Kelly, Molly, and Beth and it went AWESOME! (i'm getting used to the stomach pain on runs, i guess), did school, packed, played with the kiddos, did puzzles with e, folded laundry, and drove to MD at night when brian got home from work... with no traffic:)

September 10- woke up to awesome, brisk weather, played lots of tiddly winks and bingo, went apple picking, watched ephram take a BUNCH of steps (from one side of the room to the other), played with weebles, went on two walks (LOVING the weather), watched bike riding, listened to braden tell me about his nature walk with daddy, saw a strange tiny turtle, hung out with mom, cut nonny's coupons, and watched the kiddos playing soccer in the yard.

September 11- ran 3 (LOVE the MD weather!!), watched the kiddos devour a TON of pancakes, went to the library sale and got lots of great chapter books for the kiddos, ran errands with nonny, helped her clean the house for bridge while brian took the kiddos to the castle park, played outside with the kids, took e and k on a walk, played tiddly winks, bingo, pick up sticks, and candy land multiple times with my sweet kiddos, and watched ephram walk across the room again.

September 12- ran 5 in the drippy rain and up lots of hills (but had a great time:), said goodbye to mom and dad, drove back to NC with NO traffic and had fun singing songs with the kiddos, unpacked, cleaned, spent special time with Ephram and Brian while the big kids were at bible study and choir, gave E an extra long bath where he had so much fun playing with a scoop...he was SO cute!, listened to excitement from the kiddos after they came home, and ate BoJangles for dinner..which was NOT wise as I've had terrible stomach pains for two weeks.

September 13- ran 4, did school, had a blast doing History with the big kids (talking about Samurai) made baked apples for the kiddos, played cars/trollies and catch with ephram, read lots of books, organized all the kids books, played chase with all four, enjoyed the 'cool' evening outside with the fam, did bubbles (and listened to ephram say 'bubbles' over and over), and made some money at CVS.

September 14- did school, listened to sweet piano tunes, made taffy apple pizza with Kinsey for our playdate with the Williams, watched the kids do apple printing, laughed hysterically as kinsey lovingly cared for addison (putting her shoes on, leading her by the hand, etc.) by washing a's face with the rag she used to clean the dirty outside chair so 'a' could have a seat, played outside with the kiddos, heard ephram say, "apple" very clearly, and watched an entire taffy apple pizza be devoured in a matter of hours.

Septmeber 15- ran 3, did school, watched the enamored kids listen to science (all about digestive system) and did some experiments, had fun at lunch with the kiddos as we watched ephram ROAR like a lion, BAAA like a sheep, NEIGH like a horse, and MMMOO like a cow, played outside with the kiddos and watched cailey pull her 3 siblings in the wagon as if it was the first time she'd done it (she LOVED it!), made 11$ at super doubles, cut lots of coupons, listened as braden recited psalm 23 without ever having been taught it, met the williams and then the eshleman's at CFA, got GREAT hugs from ephram, took the kiddos to awana, served in TNT, and picked up three kiddos who were WILD and crazy:).

September 16- had a great school day, ran errands, played go fish, dropped braden off for a playdate with caden, played with the other three, went to the Y so the older kids could take a class, ate dinner at the klicks, heard ephram make more animal sounds, and made a 'late' night trip to the grocery store with my cailey girl.

September 17- went to first day of co op and met lots of new people, listened to excited tales of first co op day, went out to lunch with the klick's, did LOTS of laundry, cleaned, read to the kiddos, prepped them for soccer, shopped while they were at practice, watched ephram grin as he walked across the downstairs..and our room...a lot, kissed a boo boo, and had a great talk with braden.

September 18-ran 11 miles (YAY), went to two soccer games, watched cailey score a goal, rejoiced with kinsey as she went across the monkey bars for the first time, peeled/sliced/cored/ and cooked 30 lbs of apples into applesauce and 'apple pie apples', did laundry, had SUPER sore legs and took two hot baths, did pizza night for the fam, had a slumber party with cailey and went to bed at 9.

September 19- went to church and tried a new class, listened to excited kids tell me about their new classes, relaxed, read with braden, snuggled with kinsey when she woke up from her nap, went to the store with JUST daddy and ephram while the big kids were at bible study and choir, heard ephram laugh louder than ever while playing peek a boo with me, and watched him climb through a tunnel.

September 20- ran 5 with molly and kelly, had many great one on one talks with the kiddos, saw lots of walking from ephram, did school, had a great phonics day with kinsey...worth celebrating!, watched my brave 8 year old not even flinch when having a plantar's wart frozen off for the second time, read a great story written by braden, went to the Y for the whirlpool and a great chat, and went to bed really early.

September 21- ran 4 1/2 (instead of 6 b/c my stomach), did school, loved science and history (so did the kiddos), had great conversations, watched my baby toddle all over the house and realized that walking is now his preferred mode of transportation, played outside, handed out popsicles, did four final transactions at HT for SD, and watched the premiere of my favorite show.

September 22- cleaned, did school quickly, had Laura and the kiddos here for the day, had fun catching up, ate a yummy dinner, took the kiddos to AWANA, and got late night hugs from my baby.

September 23- woke up TOO early, ran 12 (and went out too fast on the first 8), treated myself to a large caffeine free diet coke from cfa, had a great school day (still LOVING science!), baked Mt Dew apple dessert, had caden over for a playdate, took the kids to a conditioning class, soaked in a whirlpool while chatting with kelly, hosted the klicks for dinner, watched the apple dessert be devoured, played outside with all the kiddos, discovered a new tooth in ephram's mouth, watched a soccer game between the daddies and biggest kids, was amazed to see the 'babies' walking around the whole time, and prepped for co op.

September 24- prayed i didn't forget anything for our super busy day, taught preschool at co op, listened to excited kiddos tell me all about their classes, met marsie and the boys for lunch, brought braeden home for a playdate, baked brownies, watched the kiddos play happily all afternoon, went to dave's 29th birthday party, heard ephram say, "cheese" when he saw the camera, had a great talk with cailey...on our bed....just us girls, had great one on one time with kinsey while the others were at soccer practice, had fun catching up with tricia, and sang happy birthday.

September 25- ran 3 in humidity and warmer temps (thought we were done with that), cheered on braden at his 8 am soccer game (while b was at work) and hugged him when he was hit directly in the eye with a soccer ball, took the kiddos to a craft show, went back to cheer cailey on but in the midst of HIGH temps, sun, and no water she got heat exhaustion, gave all four a tub then a big yummy lunch with lots of gatorade, watched the oldest play with the marble maze for hours, welcomed brian home, got .99 happy meals for dinner, watched e play on the slide, made a quick trip to the mall, got e his first pair of shoes, listened to laughter at the awkward 'first' steps in shoes, and listened to the kids squeal while having babies and earning a living (during their first game of LIFE).

September 26- slept in, served in ephram's class at church, played math games with kinsey, sent the three biggies with daddy to a family fun day at the mall where they made balloon creatures, sang karaoke, dunked people, and more, baked cookies, heard ephram say "chair, mine, and water" and took the biggies off to bible study and choir.

September 27- ran 6 with K in the rain early, fabulously fun school day, lots of one on one playing with ephram, played guess who? with cailey, played hey diddle diddle with kinsey, cooked with braden, made a big yummy 'breakfast' dinner, laughed a lot (at dinner), had a great talk with big girl, and heard ephram say, "mine" a little too much:).

September 28- ran 5 with M and K, quick school day, listened to piano lessons, played pegs, lacing, and read a lot with ephram, games with kinsey, awana verses with the biggest kids, did laundry, played outside after lunch, went to the park with the papa's for playtime and a picnic, watched the oldest and youngest play together a long time, played outside more at home (loving the 'cooler' temps), and had great Cailey time.

September 29- ran 3+ in the pouring rain (was supposed to do 4), did school, played with ephram and kinsey lots, heard ephram say, "bear, bowl, blue, purple, and color", loved watching him color, gave out homemade cookies, read Angelina books to kinsey and watched her try to pick out words she knows, met friends at CFA, brought kellen to AWANA with us, served in Sparks and TnT, beamed as braden finished his whole book in three weeks, and went to bed early.

September 30-e said "waffle" and "color", played cars, built with blocks, read tons, and dressed up with kinsey and ephram, enjoyed school, studied the 'new' food pyramid with the kiddos, carbed up, sat in a whirlpool while the littles played and the big kids took a kids conditioning class, had homemade pizza night, and enjoyed family time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nonny and Poppy's

ephram laughed and laughed while rocking in this chair!

LOVE these! ephram really started walking far at Nonny and Poppy's house. this one of braden and ephram is SO precious to me:)

i have pics of all my babies playing with this toy

braden always loves helping out nonny with cooking and cleaning...and constantly asks her what he can do to help. such a servants heart!

they played LOTS of games with Nonny..and mommy:) we played
pick up sticks, tiddly winks, bingo, candy land, connect four, and more!

brian took braden on a nature walk and they found this 'turtle' (with a SUPER long snake like tail). they enjoyed watching it for a day before poppy set it free.

mommy and her babies:)

poppy and ephram

We had a great few days at Nonny and Poppy's house just hanging out, playing games, riding bikes, playing with neighbors, picking apples, going on walks, and talking.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

lovin' the little

kinsey has always been a little mama but now
all three of them love helping out! she was trying
to teach him to walk:)

this was on an extra grumpy day when ephram was teething and didn't feel good...they cheered him right up!

The kiddos spend their days LOVING on their baby brother! They absolutely love playing with him, helping him 'walk' (before he knew how), pushing him on his riding toy or outside in the wagon, pushing him on the swing, chasing him, feeding him, making him giggle, and just trying to make him happy. When he's sad they try and make him happy. When he's frustrated they try and help him. I know I've done so many posts about this but it truly warms my heart to see how much they love him. They don't always get along with each other BUT he is the glue that makes them stick together. Ephram is SO blessed to have three siblings who truly adore him!

Kinsey is our little mama...ALWAYS. She is the compassionate one who helps anyone in need and truly cares how people feel. She always helps her younger friends (like addison and caroline) with their shoes...or feeds them...or 'changes' their diapers, etc. She treats Ephram the same way and I can't say he always likes it. Usually he screams when she comes near but she really DOES just want to help. She loves him SO much...if only he knew that she wasn't trying to annoy him. I feel bad sometimes when he screams and she's just her joyful carefree self just wanting to play with him. Hopefully as he gets older he'll realize what a blessing she is:) She's gonna be a great mama some day!

Braden LOVES to read and play with ephram. He is so patient and never gets frustrated with him. I keep telling him that one day they are going to be best friends because he treats ephram with so much kindness. Ephram CONSTANTLY crawls (or walks) over to him and gives him the biggest hugs....just braden. Braden wakes up in the morning and starts reading or singing to him. We can hear them just giggling's precious!

Cailey has become a HUGE 'mama' helper since Ephram came home and can do pretty much everything. She never really played with baby dolls like Kinsey always has but adores her REAL baby:) She gets him out of his crib (Kinsey does too...but that scares me:), feeds him, plays with him, etc. She loves to 'babysit' him and when offered money she declines most of the time. Today at the park she took him around for over an hour...just because. I kept telling her to go play and enjoy herself but she only wanted to play with Ephram and do what he wanted to do. She took him down the slides, pushed him on the swings, walked around holding his hand and chased him. She is the BEST big sister to him and I can't wait to see how their relationship is as he (and she) gets older.

Monday, September 27, 2010

we LOVE science!

This year in Science we are studying Anatomy and Physiology. We are using Apologia again and LOVE it! There are so many great project ideas and they bring everything back to God. Our first project of the year was to 'mummify' an apple so we could see what would happen to it compared to our control apple.

After two weeks we cracked the harden shell and pulled out both apples to see what they looked like. The control apple (with nothing on it) was moldy while the 'mummified' apple was preserved.

Next up they made cells out of yellow jello and candy. They drew and labeled cells in their journals (as did Kinsey, who wants to do EVERYTHING they do) and then made a models of cells.

and yes...they did it in their jammies:)
(another great thing about homeschooling)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

apple picking 2010

LOVE this one!

braden definitely looked for the BEST apples and would gently place them
in his bag!

picked, clean, eat....that seemed to be kinsey's technique this year!

love these!

hard to eat an apple without all your teeth!
(this comment is true for both of them:)

silly girl wanted to get some 'high' apples too

ephram was LOVING his apples! he ate the entire time and shouted (pointing) "APPLE" whenever he dropped it.

they each choose a few granny smith
and yellow apples

4 smiles...then more on the way home!

ephram was so confused about why mommy was sitting in
the back...and smiley was too cute not to post:)

Apple picking came early this year at Nonny and Poppy's! We went for our annual apple picking trip (that we've been doing since before the kiddos were born) right after Labor Day weekend. There were tons of yummy apples just waiting for the kiddos and they picked out all different kinds. They always love picking a few yellow ones at the end just to eat. I was surprised this year when I went to cook them that there were LOTS of cute little ones thrown in (which they ate because they were too small to bother peeling, etc.) The weather was perfect (nice and cool) and the kids had a blast picking, chasing, tasting, hunting, racing, and climbing.

So far I've made TONS of applesauce and baked apples (which are in the freezer), taffy apple pizza, apple crisp, apple pie apples, and mt dew apples. The kiddos have also been enjoying their 'apple a day.' I love that freshly picked apples last SO long!