Thursday, July 31, 2008


Even in the summer Cailey LOVES to play outside! She asks to go out almost daily and at times will play out there for hours! Her favorite thing to do is run...and next to that is swing. CLEARLY she gets this love of running and heat tolerance from Brian. Considering it's been in the upper 90's most of July the only time I spend outside is at the pool. I do NOT like the heat at all.
Lately I've been seeing glimpses of her 'babyness' slipping away. Her voice is changing, the things she says are changing, and her behavior is changing. She's GROWING UP!!! Yesterday she was outside with Kinsey and Braden pushing them in the swing for a LONG time, singing to them, and entertaining them. This is new...usually she is the one in the swing. She still has her 'moments'...but so do I! baby is growing up.

As I write this they are in the backyard playing...and now I hear fighting and screaming...AHHH...back to reality! Oh, and Cailey's new goal is to be a runner in the Olympics! My dream was to be a gymnast or figure skater...hers is to be a runner:)! She keeps asking to be in 'running class' but I have no idea how to make that possible. They have soccer, baseball, etc. but no running that I know of for her age.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

must be a girl thing....

(Cailey was over 2 in this one....right when
Braden came home)

(This was Sat...Kinsey is 2 1/2)

We are getting rid of all the baby garb in the house. The nursery is GONE...the crib is GONE...the toys are GONE. (More to come on this later). When we were taking the toys out from the attic Kinsey started playing with EVERYTHING!!! Cailey did this when Braden came, and then again when Kinsey came. Braden was never really interested in them when he was older (when Kinsey came) ...but I think it's SO funny that my girls LOVED the baby toys when they were older, but did NOT like to play with them when they were babies!`Cailey would only play in the exersaucer if I SAT WITH HER and played with the toys too:)!
****Today is the one year mark for my blog:)!!****

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cailey's first book!

A couple weeks ago, Cailey decided she wanted to write a book. I was very interested in what it would be about but stayed back because I didn't want to influence her. She did it all from start to'll see that she was taught 'inventive spelling' in school (something that I am NOT a fan of!) It's such a great story! She had an idea in her head and stayed on topic the whole time! Her illustrations are cute too:). She shows everyone and can't wait to see their reactions!

Cover Page:

My Birthday's By: Cailey Barbour

Page 1:

The Baby Cailey was born. I was born in Masochusis. (Massachusetts)

Page 2:

I grun and gruen untel
I was one and I had a chu chu
birthday cake. (Grew and grew)

Page 3:

My sckent Birthday wen.
I have my secknt Birthday.
I was trning two with.
a Butrfli cake.
(My second birthday when I was turning two with a butterfly cake)

Page 4:

My thrd Birthday with.
a car Bar cake win I was.
trning three
(My third birthday with a Care Bear cake when I was turning three.)

Page 5:

My forth Birthday.
win i was trning for.
with a bech bol cake.
(My fourth birthday when I was turning four with a beach ball cake)

Page 6:

My fith Birthday win I.
had a sand casol cake
(My fifth birthday when I had a sand castle cake.)

SUCH a GREAT story...I LOVED it! Oh...and everytime she reads it to Kinsey or Braden she'll see a word that is spelled wrong and correct it:). She wrote it all in one sitting, so by the end she was pretty tired!

Monday, July 28, 2008

another pool

sheree taking them for a train ride

look at this fishy!!

tickling elena

WOW...he's come SO far since the last time we went to the pool!

YAY Braden!

Sheree (my friend and boss) invited us to her pool Friday and we had a great time! Cailey and Braden both made GREAT progress with their swimming! Cailey was swimming from me to the wall with no floats...she was SO proud of herself-and I was proud of her too! Braden was jumping off the side, (with no one catching him) putting his face in the water (a HUGE deal for him), and floating on his back. He did SO great and I was proud of him for trying new things! The kids had fun playing with Zackary and Elena too.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

sprayground....with friends

This week we met some friends at the sprayground. It was perfect weather, not crowded, and the kids had a blast! One of our friends even brought pool toys....which kept Braden entertained pretty much the whole time. Cailey and Sarah hung out playing games and talking.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

slip n' slide....again!

We helped out with childcare again at our friend Jen's house so the kids were able to go on the slip n' slide again! Last time we helped Cailey was in school and didn't get to she was really excited to discover it and spent the most time on the slip n' slide!! Kinsey once again used it for a water fountain and Braden found other toys to play with..he wasn't into the water this time!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Look how we've changed!

summer 2007

summer 2008

Summer of 07 we spent LOTS of time at their house with newborn twins and Isaac on the way. This summer they are able to come here a ton and hang out! Can't wait to see what next summer brings:).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet Suitcase!

The other day I turned around and saw this at my feet! Brian was taking a bunch of stuff upstairs and his normal mode of transportation for Kinsey (the laundry basket) was this is what he brought her up in:)!!! Just kidding..he didn't ACTUALLY carry her up like this, but she looks awfully cute posing for the pictures!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Letter Lines

My kids LOVE to play teacher and use a pointer while they are singing songs. I bought some foam letters and had the kids make letter lines (in place of the number line). It's good for ABC order, one to one correspondence, and a great way for Kinsey to learn her letters. They are having so much fun using the pointer and 'teaching' Kinsey.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

deep sea door art

Here is the deep sea door art the kiddos and I made the other day. (Check the last post if you missed how to make the blue bubbles.) They made seaweed by sponge painting a piece of paper green (I cut it out for them). For the sand I tried something won't see pictures of the painting process because I let them splatter paint with brown watercolor and I had to help them not get it in their eyes. After the paint dried they crumbled up the paper over and over- which they thought was hilarious. Now I'm dealing with having to tell Kinsey we ONLY crumble paper that mommy says is ok! The jellyfish, octopus, and crab were made with, I do not have 8 fingers on one hand. Later they wanted to add some stickers and a sailboat Cailey made. We may glue on some seashells too:)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bubbles Art!

The kids wanted some new door art but for some reason I was stumped on what to do. I had been wanting to do bubble painting with them again and then it hit me....a deep sea picture:)! So the kids had a blast making bubble art...two different kinds! We used the bubble wrap prints to make the waves and the bubble paint to make the bubbles for the fishies.

***To make bubble paint mix bubble solution with a little paint. You don't need that much and the kids LOVE doing it!