Monday, March 31, 2014

It started with a painting...


 Ephram has really been loving painting on the easel these days and told me this was a picture of Frank with an owl friend. I asked him if he wanted to write a story about it and he said yes.  Next thing I know he's dictating the cutest story ever!  I didn't change anything around, it was all his ideas and words.

Over the next couple of days he illustrated it and we turned it into a book. Ephram has such a great imagination and tells the best stories. Cailey's comment after she read it was, "wow! he's not going to have ANY trouble writing journals when he's older." 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Duggars!

 Thanks to facebook, Cailey and I went to a book signing and met the Duggars!  It literally was a 'God' thing because originally Brian was supposed to be out of town watching Carolina play in the tournament...but they lost in the first round so he came home Friday night. (I would've had to take Kinsey to basketball, etc.) I saw someone post something about it late Friday night and decided I'd take Cailey the next morning. Oh boy were we excited!
 listening to them sing a song before coming in the store

 Cailey was definitely 'star struck' when she first met the girls. They were SO sweet
and personable.

 I realized that I didn't take pictures of the boys...:)

 sweet Josie 'signing' the book

 Michelle and Jim Bob were sweet and exactly like you see on the show. Michelle and I were talking about adoption then Cailey asked her a few questions.
This was such a neat thing to do with my biggest girl. We arrived early and waited in line for about an hour before they came. Since we were sponsoring a child we were able to go to the FRONT of the line and spend more time with them. So so fun!

Friday, March 28, 2014


 Cailey is playing soccer for CASL this year since she aged out of Kicking for the Cross. She LOVES it and can't wait to go to practice and her games. Unfortunately there has been so much snow and rain that it's gotten canceled quite a bit but she has managed to play TWO games so far (out of four...sigh).

 This league is WAY more fun to watch as the refs are 'entertaining' and take their jobs VERY serious. Our coach actually almost got kicked out of the was super funny.

After the games each team makes a tunnel for the others to run through. So far we are really enjoying CASL.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

it is WELL!

 We had sickness in the house for close to two weeks. Brian had the flu first then a few days after he recovered I got it. Cailey had a 24 hour stomach bug and Pfapa (which she hasn't had in a WHILE so it was really bad), Ephram got sick a few times with flu type stuff, croup, and just yuckiness.

Somehow (thankfully) Braden and Kinsey seem to avoid it. Braden did have a sore throat and headache one day but it never went beyond that. and Kinsey...she's my healthiest one (minus her crazy spring allergies)

It was pitiful.  We were pathetic.

Then one morning I woke up (at 10:00!) and found these two like this. Cailey was UP doing her work (yay!) and Ephram was having a tea party with his doggies. I was so thankful!  It was the first day in a while that any of us felt good so it was a blessing for sure.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 They had NO CLUE that mom was coming through on her way to watch Abby and Nicky and boy does this mama love a surprise!  They were was awesome!

 We had gone to church, Braden went on a run, and the kiddos helped me pull weeds. They weren't suspecting a thing.

 they rushed out to give her a hug:)

before long mom had them all washing the salt off her car...including the Morgan girls!  

 we loved our time with nonny. she stayed two days on her way down then came back on her way home for a quick overnight.

 playing scrabble

listening to ephram read his books. he was so proud to show her
that he could read!
Ephram has so much fun playing games, doing puzzles, and reading with Nonny while I do school
with the other kids.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Visit

 They decided to wear opposite matchy outfits

 these girlies

 They spent hours singing Frozen songs and listening to the music outside in the sunshine. They even put on a mini musical for us that was VERY cute. My favorite was 'Do you want to Build A Snowman?' because they got the little girls involved too. SO sweet.

 group pic

 We went to the Science Museum for our field trip the next day. 


 these two have decided to carry water bottles around just like their mamas now!  also take notice that Cailey purposely gets up on her tip toes in pictures now so she can be as tall as Rebecca. She is NOT happy that her bff is growing/changing while she isn't. :)

 all eight kiddos fit in the trunk


 This girl was finally old enough to explore all of the exhibits!

 We ate outside for lunch and the kids segregated themselves by gender:). I love these sweet kiddos!

 a lady was watching us so I asked if she would take a picture of everyone with the mamas. such a rare treat!
they could have stayed and watched the fish for a lot longer!  

Laura and I are wishing we started these monthly field trips earlier because they are so fun!  Since we have awesome passes everything has been FREE too!