Sunday, March 23, 2014

Double Sleepover

 Braden and Kinsey had Eli and Rachel come over for a double sleepover on Friday after co op. I took them to lunch then we came home to a GORGEOUS day.  They spent most of their time outside but I caught a few pictures of them when they were inside. Rachel and Kinsey were drawing.

 building with Legos

 All four of them were playing Monopoly but the girls had a Petshop version while the boys played the original game.

 Brian was gone to Greensboro for the Carolina game so I ordered pizza and we went to a park for a picnic dinner.

After they played for a while we decided to grab all the makings for brownie ice cream sundaes...and came home to bake brownies.  YUM!  The kids had a super fun time then the next Friday Braden and Kinsey went home with them for a double sleepover at their house.

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