Saturday, March 22, 2014

This week

Ephram to Cailey: "Hey Cailey! Wanna party all night long and have a sleepover? We can play and read and watch Netflix together and party. I love to party with you." (Said while Braden and Kinsey were at a sleepover)

Kinsey slammed her hand in the door and was crying. Ephram, "'ll slam my fingers too so you won't be the only one who hurts."

This week was rough. I started having vertigo issues on Monday. I couldn't stand up at all or the room felt like it was spinning and I'd be so dizzy/nauseous. That night Brian came home from work and said he felt sick. Turns out he had the flu and stayed home for the next three days. On Wednesday (while I was still dealing with vertigo and Brian had the flu) Cailey threw up and felt sick. Thankfully whatever she had turned out to be a 24 hour thing. With both mommy and daddy out of commission the older kids were super helpful and got their school done.

Braden was supposed to have Braeden come play then sleepover Wednesday night so he was pretty bummed but rolled with it. Kinsey was also supposed to play with Lydia (since they are tracked out) but we didn't want to share our germs and neither one of us was driving anywhere.

Brian went to work yesterday (Friday) and I took the kids to co op. It was supposed to be a busy weekend with lots of fun planned starting right after co op. We left the house for the first time in days. After co op I went to get the kids from their classes (then send Braden and Kinsey home with Rachel and Eli for a sleepover) but when I stood up I felt achy all over. I was hoping it was a fluke but mentioned it to a couple people in passing.

I had errands to run so I could get last minute things for the SURPRISE PARTY planned for Braden today. The party that has been planned for MONTHS.  I went to the party store and walmart with Cailey and Ephram, getting worse and worse by the minute. After calling Brian we both knew I probably had the flu but he encouraged me to go to the minute clinic at CVS to see if I could get Tamiflu to try and make the symptoms not stick around as long.

I showed up at 1:40 to see that lunch is from 2-3 and they don't see patients then. Ugh. I signed in then went out to sit in the hot van so I could stop shivering for a while. I was so achy and just KNEW it was the flu (since Brian just got over it). I spent the next hour+ trying to reschedule the party by texting back and forth with moms trying to find a date/time that worked. It was super frustrating and just being sick I was over it. Finally Brian told me not to worry about it but to cancel the party and it would happen some other time.

3:00 finally rolls around and I get seen by the doctor. It's the flu. Not really surprised but it explains why I feel so terrible. I cancel the party and go home to bed.

I was so sad. I mean, I know it's just a party but it was a SURPRISE party for Braden's 10th birthday and I knew he would truly be surprised since his birthday is two weeks away still. See, we'll be in the Dominican Republic on his actual birthday and he'll be here celebrating with mom...without us.

I'm not sure if he'll be surprised when it actually happens because the first Saturday we could come up with is May 3rd.  Almost a whole month after his birthday. I'm ALL about a surprise. I hope his friends can still come and I really do want him to be surprised. But if he isn't...that's okay too. Circumstances messed it up this year.

This morning Braden had his first race of the season..the CFA 5K. I was REALLY wanting to cheer him on but didn't get to go. Made it even harder when I found out my sweet friend Katherine was there too! 

Even worse...Cailey woke up on FIRE. She had a high fever, really sore throat, and was achy. Pfapa made it's return today. In times like this it makes me thankful she doesn't get this sick every few weeks anymore. She hasn't had a 'bout' of pfapa in months.  But today it's back with a vengeance.  She's been drinking lots of PowerAde, reading, and watching Frozen in her bed. She's pitiful and it makes me sad to see her so sick.

I've taken three Tamiflu pills so far and can tell it's helping me not be as achy as I was yesterday. It is making my stomach upset, though.

It's gorgeous outside. Sunny and in the 60's. My favorite I'm frustrated (again) that we are sick and stuck inside.

Kinsey played a basketball game and Cailey had her soccer game canceled b/c of school (thank you public year round school and make up days for snow).

Praying that we get over sickness so we'll all be healthy for our trip to the DR in two weeks! 

Oh man...I just remembered that I forgot to cancel the balloons I ordered (and paid for) from Party City. ugh.

I can't wait to tell Braden about this when his party finally comes around! Whew...what a yucky week.

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