Thursday, March 27, 2014

it is WELL!

 We had sickness in the house for close to two weeks. Brian had the flu first then a few days after he recovered I got it. Cailey had a 24 hour stomach bug and Pfapa (which she hasn't had in a WHILE so it was really bad), Ephram got sick a few times with flu type stuff, croup, and just yuckiness.

Somehow (thankfully) Braden and Kinsey seem to avoid it. Braden did have a sore throat and headache one day but it never went beyond that. and Kinsey...she's my healthiest one (minus her crazy spring allergies)

It was pitiful.  We were pathetic.

Then one morning I woke up (at 10:00!) and found these two like this. Cailey was UP doing her work (yay!) and Ephram was having a tea party with his doggies. I was so thankful!  It was the first day in a while that any of us felt good so it was a blessing for sure.

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