Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dr. Seuss Day 2014!

 Ephram and I had a great morning together while the other kiddos were at church. Since he was still coughing badly we didn't want him to pick up anything else!

 We read The Foot Book, played hopscotch, and practiced number order with feet

 I read him the ABC book while he did an abc seuss puzzle

 He was hungry for snack so I gave him chips (a RARE treat in our house) to go along with the book 'Oh the says you can say'

Ephram thought it would perfect for his doggies to hop on him..their pop!  He found it quite hilarious:)
We made Oobleck to go along with Bartholomew and Oobleck. ALL the kids were excited about this.

Then we changed the colors and read My Many Colored Days

added some yellow...
then some more blue
Braden made this Lorax mustache

Nonny was with us and played some Seuss card games with Kinsey and Ephram

 There were crafts made..many of them. Truffala trees, Cat in the Hat, One Fish/Two Fish, etc.
 Ephram practiced his reading and writing with Seuss activities. He was writing 'at' words in the hat.

 We had a busy day but we celebrated whenever we had the chance. I made the kids Cat in the Hat tortilla pizzas for lunch
 along with Lorax clementines and stripy drinks

 I read them The Cat in the Hat during lunch

 For dinner we had Green Eggs and Ham, roast Beast toast, and stripy fruit hat.

 Daddy read them Green Eggs and Ham during the meal:). They gobbled it ALL down. They Do! They do like green eggs and ham!

Look! It pops just like Hop on Pop!

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