Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CFA Race Day!

Braden had his first 5K race of the season and did awesome. He has been training pretty much alone (Brian goes with him some but doesn't run the whole way) and gets up to 5 miles on his long run days. He did the race by himself...SO cool to see him faster than the adults around him. But I gotta say...he's WAY faster than I am too.

He came in second for his age group!

I was home sick with Cailey (who was also sick) and was SO bummed we didn't get to go cheer him on. I was really looking forward to it. Oh..and he even slept at a friends' house the night before and still did awesome. As a surprise they saw Katherine at the race too. I was REALLY sad when Brian texted me and told me I missed her. She came in just for the weekend then was gone when we felt better:(.

I love watching Braden do something he LOVES and can't wait to watch him at his next race. Maybe one day I'll be able to keep up with him:). Way to go, Braden!

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