Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013

June 1- brian was at a golf tournament all day in the HEAT, set the pool up for the kiddos where they played ALL DAY LONG and got a little burnt, tons of giggling, lots of playing, kiddos played with neighbors, and emily ruth spent the night.

June 2- church, mall for lunch and shopping together, naps for some:), stayed inside away from the sun (and protected burns) for the afternoon, went to Chili's for dinner, went to Toys R Us so Ephram could pick out his gift from Nonny and Poppy, read with the kiddos, and went to bed early.

June 3- celebrated ephram's birthday!, piano lessons, marbles museum, krispy kreme, games with my buddies, played outside in between the storms, baked cookies with e for snack, went swimming as a family, waffles for dinner, presents, lots of tickling and snuggles...and celebrated our FOUR year old boy!

June 4- watched alex, went to the pool but only stayed a couple hours because it was COLD (and cloudy) outside:), played games together, school, hung out with cheryl, cailey went home for a playdate with ashton, cfa with cheryl and the kiddos for dinner, ashton came home afterwards and spent the night, and boys and kinsey had a sleepover:).

June 5- 14th anniversary, took the kiddos (including Ashton and Alex) to the pool from 10-2, hung out with cheryl while the kids played, kids went to Christian Olympics at Bayleaf (except Ephram) while Brian and I ate yummy food together and planned the new kitchen.

June 6- called mom for her birthday, took ephram and gavin to storytime at the library while braden played with jackson, hung out with molly and her kiddos for the afternoon, games, rainy day, cailey didn't feel great, and family read aloud time.

June 7- went with brian to meet about the kitchen, cailey has pfapa:(, lots of little house, lego building, cartwheeling, helped kinsey with gymnastics, read lots of books, and snuggles from my book ends.

June 8- kiddos played outside, got them packed for camp, errands, water play outside, slip n slide, played with Morgan's, and watched "Where the Red Fern Grows" together as a follow up to our read aloud.

June 9- ephram woke up not feeling good, family church, family time, brian took the oldest to run errands while I stayed with e, games with braden, rocked and snuggled ephram, read with cailey, games with kinsey, dropped the oldest two off at New Life Camp, chinese with the youngest two and brian, played Uno attack together, and wrote camp letters.

June 10- lilly joined the family and came to marbles with us, then ran errands, three kiddos did crafts, made bracelets, beaded, played outside, played games, helped me cook, and Lilly slept over, brian and i talked kitchen.

June 11- met marsie and kristen at the movies with the kiddos, home to play with the keels more, hung out with pam, walked with leslie then caught up with her, came home to sleeping children.

June 12- Addison came over for a playdate, story time at the library, pool with beth and other friends were there, traded Kinsey for Carter for playdates...Ephram's first official drop off playdate, boys had a super fun time and did a GREAT job playing, Kinsey spent the night at Caroline's (and caught fireflies then used them to light the room), and Brian took ephram to play frisbee golf. 

June 13- mary ann came to finish up kitchen plans, kelly brought kinsey home,  took k and e to the mall for fun, rode the train, kinsey got new shoes:), read to ephram in Barnes N Noble, ran into kelly at the mall, restful afternoon, brian and I played with the kiddos, and had a bad storm with power flickering off and on.

June 14- Counted down the hours until it was time to get the kids from camp, swimming with Pam and lilly, games with Kinsey and Ephram, picked up the kiddos, lots o' hugs, lots o' stories, smiles, snuggles, happy ephram, happy mama, a sad camper who didn't want to leave...but did:), and a camper ready to come home.

June 15- Walked with Braden and Kinsey, Brian fixed Braden's bike tube, Cailey slept until 11:00!, pfapa acting up for C, camp laundry, played games together, snuggled my big kids, listened to camp stories, yummy shrimp and linguini for dinner, and got a phone call that we MISSED Michelle's wedding.

June 16- baked brian yummies for Father's Day with Braden, church, Jason's Deli for lunch, walked with Cailey in the HEAT, naps, kiddos played in the pool, cleaned, Brian took Cailey to frisbee golf in the evening, and got ready for our first week of VBS.

June 17- Bayleaf VBS, Anne came..YAY!, a huge grocery shopping trip, games with anne and the kids, dinner out with A while the kids were at power camp (Open Door) and Brian was playing frisbee golf.

June 18- VBS, Anne and I spent the morning making breakfast burritos and snacks, Braeden and Lucas came home for the afternoon and spent the night!, power camp for all, power outage as Anne read bedtime stories, and hung out with anne!

June 19- VBS for the oldest three, took Ephram to the dr. for his 4 year check up, dollar store for operation Christmas child, played games with Ephram and Anne, pool after we got the kids, crafts with anne, said goodbye, and power camp while Brian played frisbee golf.

June 20- brian and braden ran, VBS, walked with Kelly, pool with the kiddos, laundry in the afternoon, Ephram and Brian went to see Dan the animal man while the other kids went to power camp.

June 21- met the Corbetts at the pool and played for the morning, Rebecca came for Aunt Camp, girls watched a movie, and the other kiddos spent the afternoon getting creative with blocks, and went to the last ceremony of Power Camp together.

June 22- blue jay point for exploring/hiking, played tag all together, baseball in the open field...girls won!, slushies for the kiddos, afternoon playing at home, bowled two games together, and went to Chili's for a cheap dinner:)

June 23- church, golden corral for brunch, pullen park, games at home, bike rides, kiddos decorated picture frames, ephram napped, read botany together:), brian had to work all day (from home) and went to bed early!

June 24- pool with the kiddos, fun swimming in the RAIN, laundry while kids played, girls watched Where the Red Fern Grows, they did handprint artwork, kids made the summer gingerbread house, rode bikes, laughed a LOT, kinsey napped, fun dinner/dessert time, and figured out the ez buns.

June 25- curly hair, free movie with marsie and kristen, ephram went to lunch and play with Lucas while I took the girls and Braden to Monkey Joe's, braden went for a sleepover with Braeden, taught the girls how to make earrings, pool, bubble bath pool after it thundered and stormed at the Y, giggles, and had tired girls.

June 26- swimming pool for five hours, snow cones, braden had a fun morning with Braeden until he was dropped off at the pool with us, kids played games all afternoon, took r and c to dinner and the mall, got caught in a TERRIBLE rainstorm, braden and brian played chess, kinsey and ephram played a game with daddy, came home wet but laughing.

June 27- piano lessons, science museum, krispy kreme, art project, movie afternoon, bike rides, snuggles, kinsey went to lydia's for a sleepover, just dance for the big girls, puzzles with ephram, sweet talk with braden, brian worked super late:(.

June 28- rebecca's last day, indoor pool at buffalo, pool at home, girls packed up and played until dennis came, brian worked late again.

June 29- brian worked all day, kids played outside and inside, games, water play, i cleaned the house, cailey was sick and didn't eat all day:(, took them to the triathlon packet pick up, and they carbed up:)

June 30- up EARLY for the triathlon that the three oldest did, cheered, cailey got sick:(, proud mama moments, naps for everyone, low key day, cailey felt yucky all day, boys did puzzles together, kinsey and braden played games.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Corbett Pool Date

 Laura came to Raleigh and we were able to have a pool playdate. The kids were THRILLED and paired off right away.  Cailey and Kena
 Jay and Ephram

 Stacey and Kinsey

 Bryce and Braden (who I had to chase down to get this picture because they were off playing and sliding the whole time)

 break time

all eight of our kiddos PLUS Rebecca who came during the pool date for aunt camp!

 and then we discovered this forming friendship. SO precious!  They hugged each other goodbye with no prompting from the mamas. Unfortunately I missed the moment so we had them reenact the hug...the first spontaneous one was much cuter:)

We are thankful for such sweet friends!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ice Cream date

 Ephram and I went on an ice cream date to Breusters where he is still able to get the free mini cone.  His favorite flavor is cookies and creme and he orders it every time.  It was super fun hanging out with my littlest guy who makes me laugh!
"look mommy!  my finger has a hat!"

Thursday, June 27, 2013

papa boys sleepover

 While Anne was here Braeden and Lucas came home with us from VBS to play all day and spend the night!

 these four were super excited

 these two spent most of the afternoon playing games...chess, life, guess who, monopoly, battleship, etc.

 and these guys spent most of their time up in the boys room playing legos, super heros, cars, catch, etc. occasionally they would come downstairs for some marble set building or to play a game together.

After dinner they all went to power camp for the evening then came home to get ready for bed/stories. The power went out so we read by flashlight!  They all went right to sleep which was easy since there was no power and they were tired out from being at two VBS's and playing all day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Auntie Anne Time!

 Anne came for a visit for a few days. We loved having her here!  There were lots of games played.

Lots of snuggles had

 Anne and I made snacks for the freezer and breakfast burritos

 cailey helped with the snacks too

 She brought a craft with her for the kids to do too!  They decorated clip boards

 SO very thankful for this sister of mine!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My youngest two

 We had just these two for a whole week while the older two were at New Life Camp

 I used every moment possible to make it as fun for them and do things on their level.  Lilly came over for a sleepover and went to Marbles with us.

 They played a lot of games, did crafts, painted, and just had a great time being the 'oldest'

 Kinsey and Ephram had a playdate with Addison too!  We went to storytime at the library, the kids came home and played, and then we went to the pool together.

 After the pool Kinsey went home with Caroline and Carter came home with Ephram! This was their first 'kid trade' and they had a great time together. They played super heros, legos, cleaned up the room without being asked!! (then immediately ran to tell me and asked for a!), jumped on the trampoline, played on the see saw, and made marble mazes.

That night we just had ONE baby because Kinsey spent the night with Caroline. Brian and I had a great time loving on Ephram and playing games with him.

Monday, June 24, 2013


 This girl. She is FULL of JOY!  She just exudes it.  Don't get me wrong, she has her moments...but she is just so sweet. And happy. And I just love her smile!

 We went on an outing while the boys were at Laura's and Cailey was with a friend. Just us two.  It was fun listening to her and talking with her.

that smile!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

korean garb shoot

 braden, kinsey, and ephram got their yearly korean garb pics:)! we realized that Braden is growing out of his so we need to somehow get him a new one.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Slip N Slide

 Ephram got a slip n slide for his birthday and all the kids have been loving it! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

my bookends

 I love their relationship. She loves him dearly, and OH how he loves her! I caught them reading on her bed and just had to snap a picture:).