Monday, June 3, 2013

Ephram's 4th birthday

I woke up to banging on the morning of Ephram's birthday. He was in his room playing with his new tools! 
 Ephram turned FOUR today!  He requested chicken nuggets, bread, hashbrowns, and chocolate milk for breakfast:)

 We went to Marbles so he could build (his favorite thing to do) and it was a DREAM come true because when we walked up there were giant construction vehicles for him to explore out front!  He was thrilled!

Ephram could have stayed at the building section for hours...he had so much fun using the screwdriver, hand drill, saw, pliers, and sander. He made a really cool design with plastic and wood that he cut himself. He loved going to Marbles and playing in the pirate ship, new farm section, water, and money room.

 He requested we stop at Krispy Kreme on the way home for a doughnut with sprinkles:).  The other kids were excited too:)!

 Then he had ANOTHER doughnut!  And told everyone how old he was. 

 When we came home he wanted to play trains with Braden and games with mommy while the girls were outside. They made a cool track!

 Then he asked to bake cookies with we made a small batch for snack.

 building while waiting for the cookies to bake

Next we played lots of rounds of rhyming bingo.  He's always been great at rhyming!

 When daddy got home from work we all went to the pool together while the sun was peeking out. It wasn't crowded at all and we had a great time together!

We came home from the pool and Ephram requested waffles for dinner:)!

Present time!! We got Ephram a superhero easy reader book and a super cool batman car.

Happy Happy birthday sweet ephram! We loved celebrating you!


Sport- Baseball
Food- Corndogs
Meal- doughnuts and hashbrowns
Song-Star Wars Theme song
Movie-Star Wars
Thing to do outside- Ride my bike with training wheels
Color- carolina blue
Dessert-cookies and cream ice cream
Thing to do- Play with Frank
Book-The Castle book with Knights
Season- Fall because I get to jump in the leaves
Place to go- Nonny and Poppy's
Subject in School- drawing pictures
What do you want to be when you grow up?- a daddy

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