Thursday, June 6, 2013

Superhero Party!

 Ephram wanted a superhero party this year. He requested a super Ephram, spiderman, batman cake.  He picked all the colors too:).  I made the spider webs out of red melting chocolates, the super ephram out of m&m's (per ephram's request), and the bats out of black icing.

Ephram wanted to dress up as Captain America...and wanted his buddies to dress up too.

 after the boys colored superhero pictures, Cailey put tattoos on them.  She did a great job as my party helper.  Ephram wanted all of his siblings to be at the party.

 His buddies who could come!  Alex, Ephram, Winston, Carter, and Lucas

 We made a giant sticky spiderweb out of painters tape. The boys tried to see how many 'spiders' (aka small pieces of newspaper) they could get to stick on it. They loved this game!

 Next up was dinner time fit for super heroes! 

 Ephram got a HUGE surprise when Batman came to his birthday party!  He came during dinner and talked with each of the kids. Then they went outside for a photo op. They were SO excited!  Is my hubby a great sport or what?

 In this game they were trying to shoot the bad guys off of the cups using nerf guns.  This was another perfect game for all these Super Heroes!

 taking aim

 Cake time!

 he thought it was yummy:)

this was the highlight for most of the boys.  we bought poppers for them to throw
on the ground which went well with their pop rocks candy.  they loved making the popping
noise 'just like superheroes'

 Ephram got lots of superhero presents..but even better, he had a great time with his superhero friends!

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