Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My youngest two

 We had just these two for a whole week while the older two were at New Life Camp

 I used every moment possible to make it as fun for them and do things on their level.  Lilly came over for a sleepover and went to Marbles with us.

 They played a lot of games, did crafts, painted, and just had a great time being the 'oldest'

 Kinsey and Ephram had a playdate with Addison too!  We went to storytime at the library, the kids came home and played, and then we went to the pool together.

 After the pool Kinsey went home with Caroline and Carter came home with Ephram! This was their first 'kid trade' and they had a great time together. They played super heros, legos, cleaned up the room without being asked!! (then immediately ran to tell me and asked for a treat...lol!), jumped on the trampoline, played on the see saw, and made marble mazes.

That night we just had ONE baby because Kinsey spent the night with Caroline. Brian and I had a great time loving on Ephram and playing games with him.

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