Friday, June 14, 2013

boys vacation

 While we were at the homeschool conference the boys were busy having fun at Laura's!  They went strawberry picking, pet goats, played on a playground, had a Star Wars movie-thon, and more. Laura and Dennis were also watching Anna's kids for part of the week so they had NINE kids at once. Craziness!

The first night started off bad as Isaac threw up then in the morning both Rebecca and Braden were throwing up....oh...and this after noticing blood all over because apparently Ephram had a bloody nose in the middle of the night. EESH! I felt terrible but by the end of the day Braden was feeling better and there were no more bloody noses (though there was a skinned knee).

 The boys ended up staying SIX days the we came to get them and spent one night there. Cailey went to Rebecca's dance class.

 I was THRILLED to have my boys back! Laura told me that Ephram acted totally different when he was around me than he had all week. He was much more animated once I was there and more solemn when I wasn't.

Our eight

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