Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Fun!

This pool is still giving joy to the big kids after all these years!  Gracie and Emily Ruth came over to play and they all begged to pull the pool out :). They played all kinds of games in the pool...then somehow 'hung out' in it.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Finely 4th Celebration

We went to the July 4th celebration at Finely again this year!  Since we've been out of town the last few years, we've missed it but the kiddos were excited to be able to go again.

this was new and fun for them..all three of the older kids loved it!

there was lots of jumpy stuff to do..castles, slides, and obstacle courses.

and I waited in line for over an hour while they played so Mimi could paint their faces...they couldn't wait!

Somehow Ephram missed the memo about right white and blue:). He said, "I am! I'm a blue minja turtle! That's American!"

We had a blast listening/dancing to music...and Brian and I loved watching the kids race and run around.

i LOVE this picture. kids being kids..not a care in the world. running around.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Elevate Family Picnic

 Elevate hosted a family picnic and game night. After eating they announced a game of dodge ball with kids being against parents...umm...yes please!  I hadn't played dodge ball in years but it was fun!

 Cherie even got a pic of me about to get someone out:) 

 Cailey loved the fact that she was playing against the parents!

 Next up was a pairs cornhole tournament. Brian and Cailey were on a team and won the first round..but lost the second. They had a great time playing, was Cailey's first time.

 Stefanie snapped this family pic of us before we headed to the Finely 4th night.

we love Cherie! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Corbett Kids

David and Laura went out with his mom for her birthday and we were SO blessed to get to host these kiddos for a few hours!  Everyone 'buddied up' and had a great time.

Kena LOVES Cailey and the feeling is definitely mutual!  

these two always have a blast together!

They went for a walk/scooter/bike/wagon ride to the neighborhood park

the boys came right back and had light saber fights

these sweet girls loved playing games, rainbow looming, and spying on the boys

she was 'teaching' kena piano

bryce brought a turtle with him which was fun for all the kiddos. I was surprised Ephram loved it as much as he did!

game fun once it got dark for these 6... while the big boys stayed out catching fireflies

watching these two boys play melted my heart. they were babies together and now they are almost in school!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Surprise 40th!

This was a FUN day. And a SUPER fun surprise!! I knew long ago (around six months) that I would go see Laura on her 40th surprise her. When I went to bring Rebecca back Dennis let me know he was throwing her a surprise party so I had to get in on it! He asked me to decorate and I called Anne up to come help me. Laura had NO clue this was going on...SO FUN!

Thankfully most of the decorations were things I already had at home. These pictures don't do the room justice because the lighting for pictures was HORRIBLE. But it looked awesome:).

These two were excited to be together again!  The kids and I got there at 2 to decorate but the party didn't start until 6:30 so we had plenty of time.

Our plan didn't happen as we wanted and she came in another door BUT she was surprised. And it was AWESOME.

waiting to finally be able to eat the yummy appetizers and desserts

Happy Birthday to YOU!
I had to get a picture of the birthday girl and her cake

I had fun all week leading up to her birthday posting things about her being really old so the screen was perfect!

my besties!! favorite part was yet to come. I got Laura 40 things that she loves. Individually wrapped. And couldn't WAIT to watch her open them!  They were just little gifts but they were all things she loves.

31 bags, purse, blue pen with her favorite bible verse, nutella, cinnamon toast crunch, cookies, aveeno lotion, chapstick, ketchup, twizzlers, reeces, freesia body wash, fun socks, cfa sauce, etc. I LOVE to give and this made me so happy:)