Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Ephram!

 He wanted a GIANT chocolate chip pancake for breakfast:)

 with homemade strawberry syrup

 then we took his Korean pics

 and he wanted to "play games with mommy" all day:).  We played connect 4,


 Candy Land (several times)

 before wanting to play with a remote controlled car outside.

 next up he asked if we could go on bike ride to the park together:) Of course!!

 the lunch request was Chick Fil A with ice cream

 then we headed to the pool in the late afternoon because Ephram wanted to show Brian how he could swim. So Brian brought his requested birthday dinner (Pizza Hut) but as soon as he got there it started thundering so we had to leave the pool :(

 Ephram handled it well and just brought his pizza home:)

 present time!! He got some construction vehicles,
 a puzzle from Braden,

 (took a long break from gift opening to play with his vehicles)

 and an umbrella..which he requested and was SO excited about!

 Before bed he wanted to put the puzzle together that Braden got him from the AWANA store. Braden was SO sweet to get birthday gifts for all his siblings!
Happy Happy Birthday to my inventive, creative, sweet, happy, silly, amazing boy. Mommy loves you!!

Game- connect 4
Food- fish sticks and macaroni and cheese (though he NEVER eats this:)
Meal- macaroni and cheese and french fries
Drink- crush
Song- Jesus in My Place
Movie- Despicable Me 2
Thing to do outside- play basketball
Color- Norf Carolina Blue (North)
Dessert- cookies and cream ice cream
Toy- Frank
Thing to do- watch a movie
Book- Berenstain Bears
Season- winter
Place to go- movies
Subject in School- reading
What do you want to be when you grow up?- doggie doctor

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