Thursday, June 26, 2014

Surprise 40th!

This was a FUN day. And a SUPER fun surprise!! I knew long ago (around six months) that I would go see Laura on her 40th surprise her. When I went to bring Rebecca back Dennis let me know he was throwing her a surprise party so I had to get in on it! He asked me to decorate and I called Anne up to come help me. Laura had NO clue this was going on...SO FUN!

Thankfully most of the decorations were things I already had at home. These pictures don't do the room justice because the lighting for pictures was HORRIBLE. But it looked awesome:).

These two were excited to be together again!  The kids and I got there at 2 to decorate but the party didn't start until 6:30 so we had plenty of time.

Our plan didn't happen as we wanted and she came in another door BUT she was surprised. And it was AWESOME.

waiting to finally be able to eat the yummy appetizers and desserts

Happy Birthday to YOU!
I had to get a picture of the birthday girl and her cake

I had fun all week leading up to her birthday posting things about her being really old so the screen was perfect!

my besties!! favorite part was yet to come. I got Laura 40 things that she loves. Individually wrapped. And couldn't WAIT to watch her open them!  They were just little gifts but they were all things she loves.

31 bags, purse, blue pen with her favorite bible verse, nutella, cinnamon toast crunch, cookies, aveeno lotion, chapstick, ketchup, twizzlers, reeces, freesia body wash, fun socks, cfa sauce, etc. I LOVE to give and this made me so happy:)

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