Monday, June 23, 2014

Bentonville for Father's Day!

We have LOVED not having many weekend plans this summer. Over Father's Day weekend I found out about a reenactment day at Bentonville and thought the kids and Brian (my History buff) would enjoy it. So we woke up, got daddy free chick fil a for breakfast, and decided to celebrate Father's Day on Saturday.
We arrived at the perfect time as they were in the middle of explaining what occured at Bentonville and answering kids' questions.

There were various stations set up along the way to show what it may have looked like for the civil war soldiers.

I'm pretty sure Brian's favorite part was when they fired the canon!
We spent a couple hours there looking at covered wagons, reading accounts of what happened, going in the 'hospital', checking out tents, etc. It was the perfect homeschool field trip!

afterwards we stopped by and visited Granny at work for a few minutes

then headed to Smithfield's BBQ...Daddy's favorite place and a HUGE treat:). 

We went shopping at the outlets then ended the day by going straight to church so daddy could sleep in on Father's Day. When we got home (eight hours later) Ephram noticed that his birthday flowers finally bloomed and wanted a picture together:).

It was so fun making the impromptu trip down there and spending the day together..truly a day Brian and I won't soon forget:).

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