Monday, June 2, 2014

Kinsey's Gymnastics Show

 Kinsey was super excited for us to come see her gymnastics show. She's loved doing it this year and looks forward to it every week.



 Ephram found a friend in the lobby afterwards

It was so much fun watching my Kinsey Joy doing what she loves!  We decided THAT NIGHT to immediately take her out of that school and put her in a different one. We just didn't think she learned much from them...most of her new skills were acquired from home thanks to YouTube and lots of practicing. We left there and drove straight to a new school to observe. That week she had her first class there and is already learning thanks to coaching i/o rec/daycare attitudes. She is now in gymnastics for four hours a week on the Junior Team and can't wait to get stronger arms and abs so she can move up!  Kinsey has all the flexibility and tumbling for bars:). 

Way to go, Kinsey!!

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