Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Aunt Camp/NLC

 Sunday started with Church

next up, a trip to Walmart for last minute camp items/more matchy clothes

 then packing for camp...lots of packing and organizing because they wanted to match everyday!

 They were excited all day until it was finally time to go!

 They ended up in the Miracle cabin and wanted to change clothes right (their THIRD matching outfit for the day)

 bunk beds all set up

since this was the first week of camp it was mostly home schoolers and Cailey
knew a TON of them. Kiley and Abby were there.

 hanging out with Emily and Meredith...then Kayleigh

 they ran to the snack shack as soon as we went to

 final hugs

 Kinsey and Lilly

Ephram came home and started writing them both letters right after his bath:). It was precious.

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