Saturday, June 14, 2014

Camp Pick Up Day!

After a week at New Life Camp it was time to go pick up these sweet girls!

Rebecca immediately said she had a great time and wanted to go back again:). Of course Cailey loved it again..especially with Rebecca there.

sweet counselor

our family cross picture for 2014

Showing us the go carts

 When we got home I had the girls unpack so I could wash all their clothes then told them to go right to bed. (They took showers before we picked them up). I had them sleep in separate rooms so they could get a good night's sleep. Once they were all settled (finally) I told them to "come here right now". They were a little scared because they didn't know what they did wrong:). THIS was their reaction when I said, "Girls...we are going to Krispy Kreme"

just a little bit excited!  camp all day, showed us around and played all evening, Krispy Kreme

I chose to take them this day because it was free doughnut day. I figured it wouldn't be crazy since it was so late....what I DIDN'T know was that it was also graduation day for several high schools and the line would be wrapped around the inside and out the door. took a while but they were good sports and finally got their doughnuts:). I'd say it was a GREAT pick up day:)

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