Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Kinsey!

kinsey wanted 'bok bok moo' for

kinsey wanted a pink cookie cake (or as
she says, "pink, pink, you stink cake:)"

lunch request: rainbow cereal

Kinsey spent her birthday playing with Hannah, Samuel, Isaac, and Rebecca and then had a birthday party that night! She truly had a great day and was thrilled to see Jackson, Caroline, Caden, and Carter come over for her birthday party. She was asking ALL day when 'party time' was:)

decorating goodie bags

playing pin the m&m on the cookie

decorating cookies

LOVE isaac's face!

cailey and rebecca were the 'helpers' and did a great job!

i lost count of how many cookies she actually ate on her

it took her a while, but kinsey was able to blow out all of her

sitting with sweet friends while opening
her gifts

Kinsey had a GREAT birthday! I couldn't have gotten everything done without Laura...thanks, friend!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Shoot

The leaves have finally turned GORGEOUS in Raleigh! I LOVE's my favorite seaon. I took the kiddos to my favorite fall photo location (which I can't give away:) the other day in hopes of getting a good Christmas picture. I didn't think any were going to turn out good because I had a hard time figuring out the lighting and time of day, but the kiddos did REAL smiles...which I'll take over bad lighting any day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kinsey is Four

Kinsey turned four today which seems entirely too old for the one who was the baby of the family. The most difficult part of describing Kinsey is doing so without making it sound as though she is a troublemaker because she is not. All sunshine and sweetness but curious and daring. As best as I can tell Kinsey has but one fear and that is people dressed in animal costumes. Otherwise she is the one who jumps fearlessly into the pool and proceeds to swim like a frog.

That is Kinsey.

Kinsey is what I call a room changer. Anywhere she goes she changes the room, mostly by walking in and grinning from ear to ear simply because she can. All the kids have nicknames but hers seems so apt. We call her "Pookie" and don't ask why because even now we are not sure but it is a perfect fit. "Pookie!" is the standard greeting when she walks into the room except now she says it for herself. Never content to just ease into a situation, Kinsey makes an entrance and an introduction.

That is Kinsey.

Somewhere beneath the sunshine and bursting personality lies the heart of a mother. While it is a strange notion to think of a four year old as a mother, Kinsey has great compassion. A scraped knee for Cailey brings Kinsey with a band aid. She is tenderhearted doting baby dolls and older siblings both. Her compassion is as endless as her smiles.

That is Kinsey.

Cute, adorable, smiles and tickles. Love and care. A joyous free spirit whose excitement for Cubbies and her blanky knows no end.

That is Kinsey.

Happy Birthday, Pookie!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ephram Aiken Barbour

Our long, emotional, trying journey of completing our family is over! We got the referral (phone call) yesterday and an email filled with pictures and information about Ephram. We are overjoyed!! Even though it's been a long time coming I was honestly SHOCKED because I thought maybe it wasn't going to happen. Another surprising thing is that he was born on June 3, 2009. We were told that we would be getting an older baby (10-12 months old) yet we're getting this sweet baby boy. The baby that God handpicked for our family. The baby that we have waited a LONG time for. I am just smiling so big...can't get over this! It's the third time I've gotten this phone call, but just as exciting.

Once we do all the paperwork and get it mailed back we'll wait 3-4 months before traveling to Korea to pick him up. We've never had to travel before so this is all new to us! I just can't wait to kiss those cheeks:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Braden is a very smart boy. Always has been. The last month has taught me that he is also very driven when he wants to be. Braden has finished his ENTIRE Sparks book in a month and a half! He knew some of the verses just by listening to Cailey do them for the last couple years and learned the rest ON HIS OWN!! Honestly, I couldn't believe it...everyday he'd come to me knowing another verse, or his books of the bible! His teachers were amazed and proud too. They told me that whenever he was finished with his, he'd help the other kids learn theirs! The Sparks leader was excited as well and says he's never seen anyone finish and REALLY KNOW them so quickly. Braden will spend the rest of the year reviewing (which is super easy because he remembers them all) and learning a few new ones. He's also informed me that he wants to get started on learning the ones for next year! We are VERY proud of you, Braden!

(the jewels missing are the blue attendance ones
that he'll get throughout the year just for showing up)

Monday, October 26, 2009


laundry basket being kids:)!



i took this after braden had done a TON
of chores to help us out...all on his own!
he is always thinking of others!

i try to keep Macy off of the couch but when cailey
was sick Macy just WOULD NOT stay off! i kept
getting her down only to find her there a minute later.
finally she won....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a precious moment

This happens all the time...Daddy reading to the kiddos- but this particular evening I just had to take a picture. Such precious, precious time with Daddy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Outing

This week we went to Shelley Lake one afternoon since we've all been 'cooped up' for a while (because of my mono). We were hoping to see some fall leaves but found that they haven't changed yet. After exploring for a while the kids ended in their favorite place...the playground!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Crafts

working on door art
(which has yet to be finished:)

cutting out their trees (the tree design fit each
of the kids skill levels)

balling up the cut up tissue paper putting it on

so proud of her apple tree!

finished apple trees



their fall trees (cailey wasn't feeling good and
didn't make one that day)

tearing paper


finished apples!

I feel like we haven't done nearly as many crafts as I usually do, but since we've been home so much we were able to do a few this past week. These are super easy and I planned them just for Kinsey but the other kiddos wanted to do them too. They all LOVE doing crafts:)!