Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ephram's 5th Birthday Party

Ephram wanted a 'building' theme this year for his birthday party and asked for a cake with dirt on it and construction vehicles.

He literally gasped when he saw it and started trying to use the vehicles to dig up dirt and rocks. He stared at it and said, "when are my friends going to get here?? I just want to stick my face in it!" (And this was right after he got home from another birthday party)

wrecking balls (cheese balls), nails (carrots), lumber (pretzels of all sizes), saw blades (oreos)

I had a TON of ideas for this party but Ephram had some ideas of his I let him plan it all.

He LOVES boxes so we've been saving them up just for his party. We also saved a TON of toilet paper rolls which Ephram was so excited about! They cut, taped (another thing he loves), painted, built, and banged on these boxes together. All the boys had so much fun!

The weather was perfect to have the party outside. We used caution tape (another request from Ephram) to decorate the area along with orange and yellow starbursts, nuts and bolts, orange crush, and construction vehicles.

They decided to build a robot and daddy helped them tape on the arms

the hard workers

painting the robot

This was another idea of Ephram's. They were hammering nails into wood...HUGE hit! Ephram was so sweet to 'teach' the other boys how to put the nail in straight so it wouldn't go crooked.

Ephram and Lucas

Ephram and Carter

Ephram and Winston

after the building, hammering, and eating the boys went over to this amazing building area full of blocks, legos, magnetic tangrams, waffle blocks, zoobs, pretty much all things building.

it was a BIG hit!

Such a fun time celebrating my creative guy who said,
"this was the best party ever!"

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